SANITY’S RAGE sophomore release “You Are What You Swallow”

1. The Madness Continues
2. You Are What You Swallow
3. Aberration Mandatory
4. Product of Calamity
5. Kisses With Fangs
6. Shackles & Shades
7. The Wheels Keep Grinding
8. Trinity of Sorrow
9. Taste of Decay
10. Once You Cross
11. Thumbs Up For The End Of The World

DOWNLOAD LINK: Sanity’s Rage – “You Are What You Swallow”

SANITY’S RAGE defined their own interpretation of what made old school Thrash Metal so legendary with the release of their extremely popular “RAGE OF ONE” EP. After 6 years in the making Belgium thrashers SANITY’S RAGE re-emerge with “You Are What You Swallow”!

An 11 track full-length effort that delivers technical ingenuity, and multi layered structures to their already familiar thrashy sound taking this album to a whole new level. The band has evolved even further by combining insanely fast lyrics, deeply angered vocals and trademark storytelling into their brand of thrash metal while tackling topics such as global politics, the media, & society as a whole.

For fans of old and new school thrash metal this album is a must have!!

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