Saucer Eyes – 2020


The 90s were an interesting time for change in music: the year punk broke and gave way to grunge as well as the rise of commercial pop punk, the birth of nu-metal, and alternative music was becoming less an alternative and more the norm on many radio stations. However, there was a little sub-genre that was also taking hold while staying out of the limelight, known in some circles as dream-pop and others as shoegaze. It’s within this niche style that Toronto’s Saucer Eyes has heavily drawn their influence.

The self-released EP 2020 opens up with “Haze” which is a beautifully fuzzy mid-tempo track reminiscent of Nothing and early Hum (who just put out a killer album after a twenty-three year hiatus BTW). The track stays very true to form for shoegaze; mixing male and female vocals into an ethereal mix that is beautiful yet almost unintelligible before being hit with waves of guitar effects. This style continues on with the more upbeat “Down/Around” which throws in some guitar twang that, to this listener, feels like a nod to Swervedriver. This track is the most energetic, catchy, and fun sounding song on the release which leaves you wanting more after it’s short runtime of two and a half minutes.

Wanting more?. Now that’s a statement that kinda sums up this band very well. The EP is beautifully written and crafted, however, it is unfortunately short, clocking out at just under twelve-minutes after four songs. Plus the details on the band are scarce, having no social media presence aside from an Instagram. My sources tell me they are a relatively young band who’ve focused on honing their sound and style quietly rather than playing numerous live shows in the pre-Covid world. And this EP clearly reflects that as it shows that they’ve carved out a beautiful sound and were driven on delivering a solid debut recording to whet our appetites. In this writer’s opinion, they 100% delivered on that. I hope to hear more from them very soon.

Written by Ted Berger
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

About Ted Berger 8 Articles
Saskatchewan-born and Prairie-raised, Ted is a Calgary based weirdo who, in spite of being tall, bald, bearded, and bespectacled with primary interests in metal and comics, along with other nerd shit, is not actually Brian Posehn...probably. Music has surrounded him since a young age; growing up at all ages venues seeing local punk bands, to helping out at independent music stores, travelling vast distances for shows, and eventually fronting a couple bands prior to his move to Alberta. His tastes are even more diverse and weird as those two acts (Screamo act Chapel Hill and experimental Death-Grind act Cupcake) with his playlist regularly changing from stoner to grind to midwestern emo to hip hop to skate punk to noise to Taylor Swift (yes, she’s a genre on her own - don’t @ me).

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