Septembryo – Self Titled


As I commenced my journey through Septembryo’s full album stream on Youtube, I got drawn into the electronic elements: synthesizers laid over a step sequencer provided a provocative groove, which then dissipated into a kind of pop-meets-rock sound reminiscent of a more outlandish Head Automatica. In the first two tracks, I wanted more of a hook to draw my interest closer. Thankfully that was delivered on track three of the album, “The Alarm Clock Theme.” This track has riffs that pull you in, almost like being lead to a dark corner by the finest beauty of the evening. If flesh and appearance is the only element you use to define beauty, then Septembryo’s sound will be for you.

The music uses a basic level of poetry and rhyming scheme to tell stories about ladies and your standard summertime romance themes. At least, I can only assume it does; without looking at the lyrics, this band could be hard to sing along to…which leads me to another Daryl Palumbo reference, because I really feel his spirit in everything Septembryo singer Michael 8 is trying to portray. Sometimes you listen to Glassjaw or Head Automatica and you get so lost in Daryl’s over-exaggerations in pronunciation that you miss what he is trying to say, but you can tell he’s got soul by the sound of his timbre; a momentary loss of control that is compensated by a soulful timbre. I feel like Mr. 8 is missing just a touch of this in his vocal execution. As I write this, track six “January Waits featuring Lisette Xavier came on, and it was a nice break in the album. But I found myself once again wanting just a bit more passion. I almost didn’t realize we were this far into the album. The execution is so straightforward, and more importantly excellently produced. The levels are clear, and if the pop radio circuit is the destination Septembryo is aiming for, I feel they are just missing some more originality to help them to stand out. I do applaud Michael 8 for his blend of industrial and EDM-esque sounds, alongside his lust for intrigue, displayed well in the closing track of the album titled “ElevenEleven.

I was never really drawn into the album, and it is not due to lack of execution on the recording. I love feeling music: the raw emotion, the passion. Like making love, or for those who aren’t into that kind of thing, kind of like fucking. You want to feel everything, the lust of the moment heightening your senses until you both reach a climax. Unfortunately in this bedroom I wasn’t able to get to that point, with all the curves displayed on the bed I was still left unsatisfied, but I am sure most of those with musical palettes seasoned by digesting music closer to the pop-rock genre will clammer at a chance to join Septembryo’s orgy.

Keep on pushing the envelope Michael 8, I know this will not be the last we hear of you! I give Septembryo a 6/10 for their pretty clear production value, but still having space to grow into the unstoppable force I know they are capable of being.

Written by Joseph Espinosa

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