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Vicki Mahony is a photographer based in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario. She began playing with cameras around the age of 12 and started with making silly sketch videos for YouTube. In high school, she switched to dabbling with photography where she found the most success, highest grades, and awards. The years following graduation of high school, she flipped back to video and created her first feature length film with her script and DSLR. Two and a half years later, the movie was completed but the film didn't get admittance to any festival and decided to flip once AGAIN to photography. It was upon looking at twenty one pilot's 2016 tour photographer Brad Heaton's portfolio that she thought, "wow, I'd take photos and edit them really similarly" and descended on the path to be a concert/social media photographer. She travels to Toronto frequently to shoot and attend shows and photographs patrons at a local Waterloo bar.

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