Serenity Now – Facsimile EP


Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, punk band Serenity Now released their EP Facsimile which includes 5 tracks. Vocalist Mikey Burrell seems to have an almost perfect vocal style for the type of music the band plays. It fits in well, with the upbeat, catchy tunes. It’s a little bit raw and raspy but it’s different, and it works. The music isn’t the angsty kind of punk that sounds like a bunch of noise. Serenity Now is one of those bands that plays the fun, upbeat punk that’s easier to listen to and opens up to a wider audience. In reality, that’s a good thing because for one thing, they’re not limited to the same kind of fans all the time, and another thing is that they have room to experiment with their music without completely changing their style.

The album ends with “Wake Me Up When March Ends” which let’s face it, reminds us all of Green Day right? Wrong. I was expecting it to sound almost exactly the same, but I was surprised and glad to hear that it wasn’t even in the same ballpark. There were no similarities that I could find, other than the title. I also really enjoyed listening to “L’ac L’achigan” because this is where I found their music to be catchy, especially in the guitars. I wish the drums were a little bit louder and more prominent, I feel like it would add more to the album and make a huge difference.

The EP is too short for my liking; I like songs that are longer and have more variety in them. It all sounded the same, or fairly close, and I tend to lose interest when that happens. If there were a song that was either much faster or slower, it would at least add a difference. For me, it sounded like there were two or three songs on the album because they just sort of blend, like there’s no in between. Don’t get me wrong, I think the music is great, and that they have a lot of potential in their genre, I’m just extremely picky when it comes to punk music. Regardless of my opinion, I still think a lot of people would enjoy this album, and I encourage people to listen to it.

Written by Shannon Fong
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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