Silverstein with Seaway, Like Pacific, and Cedar Green- Live at La Tulipe – November 2nd, 2017 – Montreal, QC

Last Thursday I made my way in the pouring rain towards La Tulipe to catch a Silverstein show. This was going to be my second time catching these guys live, and like last time they did not disappoint.  But before they could take the stage, three other bands showed us what they were made of. Seeing as I was stuck walking in the rain for fifteen minutes, I missed the first band, Cedar Green’s set. I did however listen to their stuff and was very impressed by what I heard, so I was incredibly sad I missed them. We shall catch each other next time, boys.

Like Pacific

As I walked into La Tulipe soaking wet from the rain, I was greeted with the warmth only a packed venue can give. Just as I got settled with my camera Toronto natives, Like Pacific were ready to play. Lead vocalist Jordan Black was on full energy mode for the entirety of their set. Opening the set with “Worthless Case” off of their recent album Distant Like You Asked. This band’s motto as read online is “Stay Pissed,” and I couldn’t find a better description than that for this band’s style of music. Onstage, however, they were nothing but fun to watch.


Despite the gloomy weather outside the venue, inside the venue it was getting warmer and warmer. And no, not because there was a lot of people and crowds tend to generate a lot of heat, but because when Seaway took the stage and started playing their upbeat set, I thought it was summer. Everything about this band screamed summer, from their brightly coloured, retro merch, to lead singer Ryan Locke wearing sunglasses on stage. They even wrote a song called “Lula on The Beach,” a song about taking your dog to the beach. I mean, how adorable is that!? There wasn’t much movement or participation from the crowd until Seaway started. It only took one brave girl to jump off the edge of the stage to get a mosh pit going.


As the main event, Silverstein opened up the show with “Bleeds No More” filling all of our emo-loving hearts with joy. That’s when the mosh pit went from “meh” to a blood bath, so much so that it got lead singer Shane Told to remind the crowd to be careful of each other, saying, “I’m old and care about safety now!” Silverstein got the crowd going from the minute they got on stage til the end of the night. There was crowd surfing and people climbing and jumping off the stage. Long story short, the people were now ready to party, and party they did. Silverstein played a mix of new and old songs for us 2003 emo kids. The energy given from the band was equally given back by the crowd and it was overall a tight set.

All the bands that night were on fire and gave the people what they wanted. We all went home with our hearts full of nostalgia.

Written and Photographed by Stacy Basque
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Stacy is a photographer from Fredericton, New-Brunswick. She comes from a very music-oriented family filled with lots of French Acadian musicians. When her dream of being part of a symphony didn't pan out, she picked her second love, photography. After graduating in photography at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Stacy then moved to Montreal in the hopes of mixing her two passions together and becoming a music photographer. On her off time you will most likely find Stacy with her headphones on and listening to ANY and ALL kinds of music, speaking in Acadian-slang with family and friends, and most definitely speaking in her third language (which consists of movie quotes and song lyrics).

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