Sinful Carrion – Just-World Hypothesis

I have to be honest… I’m spawned from Polish blood, so I was titillated to be reviewing a Polish metal band, hehe.

Sinful Carrion has been at it a while. I discovered while reading up on them that they were “born in torment”, during October of 2007, to be precise. You can read more about them on their website. Putting my headphones on and my cultural bias aside, I hit play, curious to see with what this seasoned band would greet me…

For one, blast beats: so many lovely, delicious blast beats. From track one, “Cathexis”, I could tell these guys are tight; their years of experience shine through. I particularly enjoyed the thumps in this track around the 2:57 mark – just a cool sound that transitioned nicely into the rest of the track.

“Divine Interventions” stuck out for me for the title alone (recovering Polish Catholic here, haha). I liked how they managed to blend clean backing vocals into the song without making it cheesy. For me, that can be really hit or miss – I’ve had plenty a great track ruined because the back-up vocals just didn’t work. Thankfully it works very well here. Kudos, boys.

When “Just-Word Hypothesis” came on, something at the beginning of the track happened that I simply adore – a couple of harmonic plucks. Damn, I love that sound and I wasn’t expecting to hear it here. I got goose bumps. Perhaps it is a little thing, but I really appreciate the small details they put into their sound – my ears were kept curious and attentive to what was coming next.

That brings me to the next track, “Lazarus”. What caught my ear was being able to distinctly pick up some bass which sometimes gets buried under the layers of this genre of music. When it gets to stick out though, man, it’s good stuff! Not to mention, it gives the listener a chance to experience the skill as it’s more pronounced.

The last track, “Collision Course”, is appropriately named. It pounded me with more of those blast beats, and, in sync with typical human behavior with regard to a car accident, I did not want to look away. I enjoyed feeling like I was in the midst of the chaos.

Overall, I have to say that this is a great album. I’m trying to draw comparisons, but find myself unable. I can say that the band’s technicality reminds me of Montreal’s Neuraxis. So, for fans of that band, I think you’d really dig these cats.

I really enjoyed taking this one in. Dobry, very dobry! (That’s good in Polish, by the way.)

And so, I raise my vicarious shot of vodka to you, Sinful Carrion – na zdrowie!

I leave you with this well done video for “Collison Course”, featuring just the bassist (Konrad Piątkowski), which makes me dig them even more:

Written by Angie Radczenko

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