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The wave of nostalgia that hits you like a brick when listening to classic rock brings about a state of euphoria that’s intrinsically sublime. However, there’s also a certain feeling of discontent and hatred for bands that blatantly knock off legendary bands from the golden generation of music. Whenever new musicians attempt to recapture the fire from classic rock behemoths like Led Zeppelin, there’s bound to be a litany of comparisons. In some cases, the criticism is significantly more volatile, such as the resentment directed to Led Zeppelin’s most popular clone, Greta Van Fleet. Fortunately, Sing Again Syren has developed the optimal concoction of classic-rock inspired music with elements of new-age attitude and intoxicatingly excellent guitar work. This all-female power rock trio from Newcastle is here to forge their own path and bring about a new era of rejuvenated classic rock. 

On the whole, Time Is a Trip is a remarkable EP that’s full of catchy hooks, profound expressive vocals, and outstanding musicianship. “So Blue” is possibly the standout song on the four-track recording, replete with immensely powerful vocals, groovy beats, and marvelous displays of impeccable shredding. The main highlight of the song is an intense guitar solo that’s powerful enough to stand on its own yet fits with the music like a glove. I tend to loathe solos that overpower songs to the point that the background music is forgotten, so it was pleasing to see the virtuoso talents integrate well throughout the EP. Another instance of vocalist/guitarist Eliza Lee putting her skill set to the forefront is evident on the EP’s finale, “Rich Woman,” which concludes with melodious sonic assault to the senses.  

The overarching influence of blues-rock made famous by Led Zeppelin is indisputably apparent throughout the record with a modern twist. However, on the track “Retrospect,” the influence mostly seeps through the speakers with a conventional twist. That said, Sing Again Syren applies their distinct brand of music by meshing sultry, soulful vocals with ferocious energy and drawn-out melodies. Unlike some of their contemporaries, there isn’t an overwhelming sense of déjà vu when listening to the British trio’s music. On the contrary, the band has honed their craft by developing a truly unique sound that pays homage to their predecessors.

If there’s one criticism I can extract from my somewhat limited exposure to the band, it’s that the songs are a tad formulaic. That’s to be expected due to the recording not exceeding the 15-minute mark, so the sample is relatively small. Even then, there’s quite enough to differentiate one track from the next, enhancing the overall listening experience. Additionally, while Sing Again Syren is doing an exceptional job of creating their own sound, there’s a subtle impression of “reinventing the wheel” prevalent in the music. 

While Sing Again Syren’s music embodies many elements that were prevalent 45 years ago, their music is distinct enough to carve their own path in the industry without riding the coattails of their revered predecessors. Although there’s nothing necessarily new on Time Is a Trip, it’s an entertaining listen and an intriguing twist on the classic rock style that has seemingly had a rebirth of sorts over the past decade. 

Written by Jonathan Berthold
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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