Sixteen Scandals – Create // Destroy


No, it’s not Sixteen Candles (like I first thought when I saw the band name). This album has no references to Molly Ringwall, but what you will find upon listening to Sixteen Scandals is awesome rock music. This eleven-track record will make you smile, laugh, and you’ll just be entertained which is exactly what gets lost in translation with most music nowadays. Yes, it’s about talent, but it’s about the listeners enjoying themselves as a whole too. Minus a few texture-based notes from the singer, this album is something for everyone to enjoy.

Create // Destroy is an album that any rock or punk purist would fondle between their fingers. From the simplicity of each and every single song, to the laid-back, and extremely relatable lyrics, everything just screams out how this band is in it for the music and not fame. That isn’t to be taken as an insult because as I have said before, this record will make you feel great! I was smiling through “Asshat (I Fucking Love It),” a track that preaches about the struggles of being in a local band in a very satirical way. There are a few criticisms, and it’s not really something to be fixed upon, but the vocalist’s natural timbre when he’s singing a less raspy phrase, seems to be pitchy at some points. On the opening track, “Pain,” I noticed it, and because it was my first impression, I got worried that the entire record would be slightly pitchy during vocally dynamic changes. I ended up growing accustomed to it, and just let myself relax. My favourite songs were by far the thirty-sixty second interludes like “Laura C-Chord,” and “Jam Space Dump.” Simply because the comedic lyrical writing and the simple almost Tenacious D-styling of a solo guitar and singer was enough to make an impact.

This record is a beautiful display of talent, and I think everyone should check them out. They more than deserve to be known. Rock your socks off with Sixteen Scandals

Written by Rian Cunningham
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Rian Cunningham has been singing since he was a toddler, and have since been in multiple musicals and bands alike. He's been studying music all his life, playing bass, singing, organizing shows, developing sharp management skills, and more. He's been active in developing himself as a musician over the last five years by exploring multiple genres of music from jazz, pop, and metal, all the way to rock and roll. He is currently enrolled in the Music Industry Arts & Performance program at Centennial College in Toronto for Bass Guitar, and he has received the Dean’s Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his program for being the most dedicated student in forwarding his career as a professional musician and artist.

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