Small Town Ontario Rock Band Familiars Release new EP “Migration”

“The Wild Horses of Sable Island” and “Runners of the Woods” are two stories that the members of the band were raised on. Familiars recalls these stories in the recordings on Migration, produced & engineered by Josh Korody (Fucked Up, Dilly Dally, Comet Control) at Candle Recording Studios in Toronto.

Migration follows man and beast alike on a journey through the soundscapes of Canada’s past. Familiars is a four-piece rock band based out of small towns of Ontario. They have shared the stage with bands such as He Is Legend, Windhand, and Blackout. While pinpointing a genre is difficult, says, Familiars “captures the creeping horror.”

Later this year, Familiars will also premiere their second release, new music videos, and will be playing live shows. Familiars is Kevin Vansteenkiste (Vocals & Guitar), Jared MacIntyre (Bass), Ken Lewis (Guitar), and Anton Babych (Drums) and beauty of that landscape exceptionally well…set somehere between a horror and a love story”.

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