Solids with Deaf and Talleen – Live at L’escogriffe – February 3rd, 2018 – Montreal, QC

Last Saturday night photographer Marie-Emmanuelle and I had the pleasure of checking out a sold-out show at L’escogriffe that was part of the Tavern Tour, a four-day music festival taking place at a number of establishments around Mont-Royal Avenue in the Plateau area of Montreal, QC.


First up, and playing to a fairly packed house, was Talleen, a five-piece neo-post-punk band from Montreal. Sounding somewhat experimental and somewhat dark, I found their set to be interesting and edgy, the instrumentals in particular, especially with the keyboards and the sounds incorporated with synthesizers which were alarms and other non-traditional sounds. The vocals were interesting too as some verses sounded almost like spoken word and other parts more of the traditional punk sound. Actually some of the vocals kind of reminded me of 80s UK punk, with that slightly nasal tone to it. I didn’t catch track names but checking out what’s available online, I know they played, “The Land,” which I believe is their first signal as they are a relatively new ensemble. The accompanying video for the track was also the background visual for their set, which was of a black and white, side window view of a cross-country road trip. It was hard to tell if the crowd liked it, there were some heads bopping but a lot of shoegazing going on as well.


On next was a drum and guitar duo going by the name Deaf, also from Montreal. They were certainly heavier than the first act and seemed to produce a lot of sound for just two musicians. I found the guitar to have an almost country twang to it at times and other times would abruptly switch to something more grungy. The drums were fast paced and had a doomsy feel to them. The vocals were inaudible (to me) with a garage grunge sound that would often echo at the end. The audience was starting to warm up with more people getting into it and some seemed to even be lip singing along. You can check out their track “Slingshot” on Soundcloud.


Last on the bill, and whom it seemed most of the crowd was there to see, was Solids. They are a Montreal based three-piece (guitar, bass, drums) band that has been around since 2009. Their set was more alternative rock than the previous acts. The instrumentals were fluid and clear. The vocals were audible and had more of a 90s style to them and their EP Else is a good example. The audience was certainly into it, despite being sold-out and everyone being somewhat cramped, plenty of fans were dancing along, especially in the front. I, unfortunately, was not able to stay until the end of the set but I do hope I get to see these guys again. You can get their full-length album Blame Confusion on Bandcamp.

Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Marie-Emmanuelle Laurin
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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