Speedy Johnson: Music Video Premiere!

Montreal musician, Speedy Johnson, is releasing a music video entitled, “The Pleasure-Loving King”, directed by Guillaume Parisien. The video will be shown for the first time at Divan Orange in Montreal on Friday, April 22. On the bill are Speedy Johnson, The Crooked Brothers (Winnipeg), and Montreal miscreants, Bad Uncle. Speedy and a band will start off the night with an opening set before premiering the video. It will then be made live online to the public the following day, April 23.

The video was filmed entirely in Montreal at a variety of locations: Bar de Courcelle, S.A.T. (Société des Arts Technologiques), Vintage Frames Building, and outside the Fattal lofts in St. Henri. It features the work of FX master, Erik Gosselin, who specializes in prosthetics, silicone babies, and wounds.

The release also coincides with the launch of a website and a GoFundMe campaign to record a full-length album. Monsieur Johnson has spent the past five years working on albums and performing extensively with folksters, Ol’ Savannah and Old Time Honey. Now, he is putting aside some time to create an album that’s a little different from these two other projects. Many of the songs on the forthcoming album are inspired by myths, surrealism, decadence, and, above all, love for creation. Be sure to check out the new video and catch a glimpse of the direction in which Johnson is heading.


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