Spill Your Guts with Good Grief, Hellbent, and Offside – Live at Turbo Haus – August 20th, 2019 – Montreal, QC

Hardcore is seven days a fucking week. It doesn’t take breaks and it consumes your entirety. You eat a Montreal bagel? You do it hardcore. You drink a glass of water? You do it hardcore. You take a fucking piss? YOU DO IT FUCKIN HARDCORE. “Oh, I can’t go to a show on a Tuesday” THEN YOU’RE NOT FUCKING HARDCORE BUT BUCKETLIST SURE FUCKING IS. Spill Your Guts concert review from their performance at Turbo Haus this past Tuesday the 20th of August DONE HARDCORE.


Starting off the night was not the previously advertised Jesus Horse for completely undisclosed reasons, but instead, it was two cheeseburgers for twenty fucking dollars over at Uniburger across the street (But real talk, fuck you Uniburger, I didn’t even get fries with that shit). Following said gastronomic experience was yet another Offside performance. Though I may have lost count as to how many I’ve witnessed an Offside show in the last twelve months, a few things are for sure; this homegrown hardcore standard is still swinging the same two-step groove they’ve called home for lord knows how long now. It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s punchy and if that’s what you’re looking for then have at it bud.


Next up and fresh out the van from the swinging fucking Hammer, ON (Hamilton, Ontario for all you specifics) is recent Bucketfest Alumni Hellbent. If you like your hardcore a little more slippery and a hell of a lot more grimy, then this four-piece collaboration of maybe not enough brain cells is very much for you. Hellbent swing it low, unreasonably fast, but with a kind of relatability that grabs you by the balls and asks you if you’ve checked on the boys lately for a lump or two. What made this particular display of Bent Hells was a little vocal swap up, including stand-in homie Julio Chavez on the surprisingly clean yells and hair flips. Several short-lived tunes, gorgeous guitar tones, and a guest vocal appearance from Good Grief frontman Dan Ashworth that I could barely hear from the other end of my earplugs (which as a person with a natural-born hearing impairment, I’m STILL perplexed that I need to wear in the Haus of Turbo, but volume is volume boys and girls), I find myself in desperate need of a towel and a Sockeye Salmon Sandwich for some completely inexplicable reason.

Good Grief

After what seemed like an eternity, a little game of CHANGE PLACES! was played and we’re back with half the crew of Hellbent crushing your shit in Good Grief. I may not have been able to enjoy a whole ton of this act from an audio standpoint, but fuck almighty was this a show to see. This act brings a hardcore akin to that of the good ol’ fuckin England anarchy days. Steady drumbeats, gainy guitars, classic “Oi” four-four vocal patters for days, and pure fuckin destruction. Some people go their whole lives thinking “I wish I could be cool and front a hardcore band but XYZ reasons,” to which Good Grief has shat on your excuses. In this performance, I watched a man with fucking cerebral palsy throw his fucking walker at a human being and proceed to just chuck his existence around a tiny excessively loud room in a display that can only be described as the most hardcore thing I’ve ever seen in my days. Hats off to you Dan Ashworth and Good fucking Grief indeed dude. The only wish I have is to see what would happen if these dudes had a room stacked to the gills in front of them.

Spill Your Guts

The only thing you really need to know about Spill Your Guts is that they’re your new favourite hardcore band. Hailing from all corners of the earth and culminating in Shanghai fucking China of all places, this little four-piece gem brings a gorgeous concoction of new-age hardcore and melodic punk vibes for a sound that truly belongs to them through sweat and sore necks regardless of the room being full or empty, hot or cold, and loud or too loud. Though earplugs were still very much a requirement for my already deaf ass, somehow SYG crunched through this preventative measure/absolute annoyance not by means of volume but by means of clarity. I could still enjoy every note, I could still comprehend every word and bask in the entrancing vocal carnage and harmony, and most importantly, I could fucking bang these dudes any day of the week. You may not be hardcore enough to enjoy a performance like this on a sweaty Tuesday night, but bands like Spill Your Guts aren’t going to stop happening, and for that, I can sleep this bangover off real fuckin easy.

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Michael Kovacs

*edited by Mike Milito
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