Spirit Adrift with Pale Mare and Katö – Live at Turbo Haüs – June 7th 2019  – Montreal, QC

Montreal is such a sick city for metal, and was recently deemed a “heavy metal city” by popular vote. Montreal is also a great place for stoner metal and anything remotely doom or sludgy considering the city is full of potheads and psychonauts. I may be slightly biased in this area because that part of my metal faith is also the most intense. So, as you can guess, I felt quite blessed by my Bucketlist queen when I was given the opportunity to attend this wicked evening with Spirit Adrift, Pale Mare, and Katö.


The new and revamped Turbo Haüs is a sweet little venue in the cutest area of downtown Montreal, and its rustic feels made a really great fit for the evening. Even keeping in mind the fact that we were all sweating buckets by the end, the show was really one of the most top notch performances I’ve seen this season. Being an attendee that most always wears earplugs, something I really appreciated is that the walls of the venue section of Turbo Haüs are stone walls. In sound technology this is something that isn’t advised, but it made everything even more crisp, so it’s something I was on board with. Weird, I know.

Katö was the first opener. They share members with Chemical Way (catch them at Bucketfest 4.0 this July 12th at Piranha Bar) and really tore things open with their perfect delivery of the most grimy, stoner, and excellently greasy tunes. Suffice it to say that I may have chugged my beer a little faster seeing bassist Gringö spit all over himself, drummer Bucci sweat himself into another dimension, and singer Bullroyce verbally spit the dirtiest joual lyrics. Sludgy satisfaction at it’s best.

Pale Mare

Pale Mare gained a new giggly fangirl that night (me). Their ultra personable frontman Eytan Gordon provided super Sleep vibes (especially with the shirtlessness) but replaced slow shamanic chants with rough and grumbled vocals, which is something I can really appreciate in any stoner metal situation. They provided such satisfaction in the form of tasty riffs and ultra dude-like attitudes. They really bring their own quality to the stoner metal realm and are definitely worth catching live.

Spirit Adrift

The long awaited moment of Spirit Adrift hitting the stage arrived, and as always they were wonderfully in sync with each other’s energies onstage. They offered us the most sci-fi qualities of the night (go check out their new album Divided by Darkness for some of this galactic love), and showed us how accomplished they are as live musicians, sounding exactly like the record live, and maybe even a little better. They’re so well versed in the areas of vibrancy and showmanship that they really made everyone pack into the small space we were occupying. The only inadequacy that I noticed was the lack of sound quality for vocalist Nate Garrett, who has an incredible voice, and is worth working extra hard to showcase. Nevertheless, their performance did great justice to their collective genius as a band, and anyone attending surely left with an eagerness to see them again.

Written by Talia Plante
Photography by Marc-Antoine Morin
*edited by Kate Erickson

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A classically trained pianist from the Laval suburbs, Talia sees no other clear path in life other than her passion for music. An experienced music teacher and social bird, she seizes any opportunity to be with others. Being an avid psychonaut and lover of emotional connection, she can often be found at parties of any variety, likely rubbing her face on cats she’s allergic to, or somehow slipping into conversation that black metal and baroque music are really just close cousins. Her lifetime favourites include Black Sabbath and Liszt, and anything even remotely psychedelic, doom, or stoner-like. Her current dreams are to become the modern day Mary Poppins (umbrella and children’s laughter included), buy a van to drive across any drive-able land, and spread sunshine wherever she goes. If spotted in the wild, the best way to make her smile is to ask her anything…or offer some cheese.

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