Spit Tips – Self-Titled EP


The drummer sings, the bassist wears fishnet stockings, and the guitarist wears a feather boa. This looks interesting. It’s time I open up to you, anonymous reader. I had a fascination with Jane’s Addiction when I was in my teenage years, and have worn a feather boa on stage in tribute to Dave Navarro, who also knew how to rock fishnet stockings on stage too. Spit Tips are a group from Berkley, California that mix desert rock and punk vibes on their first self-titled EP.

The record kicks off with “Toes,” a song that showcases Izzy Maturana’s great guitar tone. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a bassist present on this EP, although a recently posted video of the band playing live included someone who was playing bass “for the first time.” Though I’m sure the addition of some groovy bass riffs could help the overall sound of the music, I don’t think these recordings necessarily lack anything. There is definitely a garage rock aspect to their sound, yet the drums, vocals, and guitar sound clear. The drumming is on point, and the music changes tempo with the duo keeping in sync throughout. On this opening track, drummer Rory Elliott howls, yelps, moans and screams his way through the song. Though I wish there was some singing to be heard, his delivery is emotional and passionate. He lets his freak flag fly near the end of the song, his voice quivering amongst the screams.

They follow with “Perched,” a faster-paced track that has some cool guitar riffs. The vocals are still screaming their way throughout, and I wish I could understand what Rory seems so mad about. It’s a short song, clocking in at two minutes and fifteen seconds, which leads to the next track, “Along.” Fans of flower stoner/desert rock will appreciate this tracks’ general aesthetic. Full disclaimer: I love listening to a great singer.  At this point on Spit Tips’ EP, I’m beginning to long for something other than yelping, moaning vocals. “All Tied Up” is next, and brings forth a driving, fast-paced groove that I’m sure is a hit when played live. Izzy plays some great, sludgy riffs, and the song structure is varied enough to keep me interested. It’s a very short song, with a total length of one minute and thirty-two seconds. Spit Tips’ self-titled EP closes with “Dirty,” an instrumental tune that lumbers through super fuzzy sounding chord changes and expressive drum fills.

I think Spit Tips are still discovering their sound on this EP, and they show a lot of promise. Their first effort sounds tightly played, well recorded, and imaginative. Though it isn’t a favorite of mine, I’ll be keeping my eye on these two.

Written by Dave Tone
*edited by Kate Erickson

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