Spree Killers – Seven Bloody Inches EP


Spree Killers are a shock-rock/punk group from Vancouver, launching this new 7” release on May 1st.  Clearly a band devoted to their cause, Spree Killers have been extremely active since their formation in 2012.  Their 27 date Cross Country Carnage Tour scheduled for later this year is exhausting just to look at, and their first album was also toured nationally.  They are currently recording the follow-up to this 7” and they haven’t even launched it yet!  This is time management at its best!!

The trick with a good seven-inch is to have two very strong songs so that the vinyl actually gets played more often than not.  Spree Killers have delivered two very strong, uncompromising examples of their genre without any shadow of a doubt.  The EP is an excellent promotional piece for the bands style of in-your-face sentiment and 4/4 punk rock.  The compositions stay well within the confines of the verse-chorus rhythm well established by the likes of The Ramones, Sin City, Chainsaw Hookers and The Misfits.

“Painted in Blood” is the highlight of the EP for me with a gritty rhythm guitar tone that actually reminds me of This is Hell.  Rhythm guitarist Chad Sluys is ably supported by lead guitarist Ry Somerton who also fills-in on backing vocals.  The call and response chorus to this song is well executed and the melody of lead singer Fanni Adams is excellent.  Skinsman Steven Gervais is obviously a solid drummer and lays down the framework for the band with bassist ‘G-Tone Bass’ in a very absolute manner.  They all vamp deliriously together toward the end of the main guitar solo with pulsating effect.  Musically the reprise of the song on the B-side to this release is very interesting.  It is a short electronic version of the song and really allows the listener to appreciate the song-writing and melodic structure of the piece.

“Fuck your Face” is as poignant and melancholic as you would expect – NOT!  The main lyrical point of this song is that “I want to fuck your face”.  Fanni Adams spits it straight into the listeners eye and the band put the boots in without any sense of hesitation.  I can definitely imagine this song going right off on May 1st at Pat’s Pub where the band are launching the EP.  For all the upcoming touring madness that Spree Killers have in store I would recommend tracking their website and catching them live as soon as possible.

Written by Scott Andrews

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Scott is an alternative music punter since 1990 and performing musician since 1998, currently located in the most isolated capital city in the World; Perth, Western Australia. Omnivorous of music and addicted to the atmosphere of the gig, Scott writes from a love for music and online community. Check out his band Shock Octopus here.

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