St. Aria – We Claim This Aria

This is metal?” I asked myself when I first started to listen to St.Aria‘s, We Claim this Aria. “Ryan, you old sod!” the imaginary British man, said in my mind, “this is what’s called a eetal-ballad! It’s the new thing kids are doing these days!” I thought for a moment. “But where are the crunchy guitars, deep as hell bass, and thumpingly awesome drum solos that typically come from metal, that I know and love?” The voice in my head laughed, “Well old boy, you are in for something new!” That little voice in my head was right, this was something new and exciting. This was the day I decided to dip my toes into the metal ballad genre.

Okay, so the first song we’re treated to is called “Running.” The first thing I have to say is, I enjoy the piano playing to this song. It brings out this depressing feel. If there was no piano, it wouldn’t have the same effect. The singing is different, but you can tell where bands like Evanescence and Nightwish influence St. Aria. The one piece of this metal ballad puzzle that makes St. Aria good is the piano playing of Alexander the Rev. In my opinion, if there was no piano, it would just sound like another HIM, A.F.I knock off. So kudos to that.

Another song that stands out is “Another Symphony.” The guest vocals of the female singer are top notch. She has a beautiful voice, and just works quite well. With her singing, and the piano once again, makes it one of the strongest songs on this album. I really dig the harmonies in this song. It actually reminds me of “Where We Belong” by The Devin Townsend Project.  The similarities to Where We Belong are almost uncanny. In “Another Symphony” however,  the female vocals are so powerful and clear that this is one of the best songs, if not their greatest, on this album. Now on the other hand, “Fly Away” is weak. Why would you have a Linkin Park knock off like “Fly Away” to end this album? You could have ended it with “Another Symphony” and it would have been perfect. Instead, you have the over exaggerated synth, rap-rock album that just throws this album into the left field and man, is this terrible. It has the makings of a good song, but could definitely do without the rapping in it. As this is one of the hardest songs on this album, it just takes the tempo and flow of the album and destroys it.

So here’s my final verdict. St. Aria’s We Claim This Aria is something new and different. It has a lot of harmonies, and the style of the music is heavily influenced by Evanescence and Nightwish. They have a great song with “Another Symphony” that is one of their best on this album. The song “Fly Away” however, could just do that, fly wway, get it off this album. In my opinion, you could have ended it with “Another Symphony,” and just finished it there. If you are a fan of metal ballads, then this is a great album.

Written by Ryan Milligan

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