Stick To Your Guns with Emmure, Wage War, and Sanction – Live at Club Soda – October 29th, 2018 – Montreal, QC

On Monday night, October 29th the place to be was the sold-out Club Soda, a staple showroom in the heart of Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles to check out the guys from Stick To Your Guns along with Emmure, Wage War, and Sanction for an epic night of hardcore.


Long Island’s Sanction had the honour of going on first at 7 sharp. They have a good sound and are an interesting hardcore band; however, their energy was just typical for a hardcore show, they just let the tunes do their work. Would love to see them step up their performance but it’s never easy to get the show started so here is to hoping they find their groove.

Wage War

Next, Florida’s Wage War hit the stage with a vengeance! They were energetic, the crowd started getting into it with a little baby pit and they gave everyone’s ears a good ringing with a solid set including “The River,” and songs from their new release Deadweight “Never Enough,” “Johnny Cash” and “Stich.” Every time I see these guys they just get even better.


With everyone well lubricated and warmed up, it was time for Emmure to rip us a new one.  From the first flash of light, we knew Frankie Palmeri didn’t come here to fuck around.  He just belted into “You Asked For It,” the first track of their new album Look at Yourself, it never stopped from there playing a total of 15 songs including 9 from their latest album. A bit much if you ask me, I guess it’s to be expected with all the recent lineup changes over the past years. Was a decent set, definitely not their best set, it was enough to make the pit happy but for the hardcore old school fan it was a bit disappointing they didn’t play enough older songs. They did; however, finish their set to please the fans with “Children of Cybertron,” “Solar Flare Cybertron,” and “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”

Stick to your Guns

Finally, it was time for California’s Stick To Your Guns, the sold-out crowd wept into anticipation. As soon as the lights went out the mayhem started with a massive pit and yours truly right in front battling the flying bodies, massive elbows and moshing fans all while trying to take a picture. What a thrill and a half I tell you, thanks to the fine people in the front row for letting me get a few shots before all hell broke loose! On this night I felt like I was at the right place at the right time, this crowd was nuts, STYG were on point and they just ripped into song after song like “Against Them All,” “Married to the Noise,” “Doomed by You,” and “Amber.” Playing songs from their latest album True View and a good variety of older songs made for an excellent set. Frontman Jesse Barnett was engaging as ever and to finish it off their set he invited everybody on stage for a massive sign along as you can expect it was a crazy end to a sick ass show. These guys never disappoint.

If you get a chance to see this tour do it. Hardcore is alive and well in this city, thanks for coming out to another sick Extensive Enterprise event. See ya in the pit!

Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson
*edited by Mike Milito
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