Stone Sour with In This Moment, New Years Day, and The Dead Deads – Live at MTelus – February 13th, 2018 – Montreal, QC

In the dog days of winter, what’s the best way to prepare for Valentine’s Day? Obviously go to a rock show! With that in mind, on February 13th, I made my way to MTelus to catch hard rockers Stone Sour. I was pretty excited for this show as the last time they were in Montreal, they played with Evanescence and that was ten year ago, folks! We were due.

The Dead Deads

The bill included three other bands. First to hit the stage was a quartet hailing from Nashville, Tennessee called The Dead Deads. They came out sporting X’s on their eyes and were ready to rock. From the first note, Meta Dead’s voice it just spoke to me; it was raw, magical, and perfectly complimented the retro metal punk feel. It reminded me of Joan Jett with a Runaways feel. Johnnie Dead was insane on the drums, so energetic and such a joy to watch. Their thirty-minute set was brilliant; playing their outer space inspired rock songs including songs from their new album Sketches and Animation. #DeadCorps has a new member, now to get my Dead Name!

New Years Day

Next were rockers New Years Day from Anaheim, California. Singer Ash Costello came out with her signature look, belting out “Left Inside” followed by “Kill or Be Killed.” The band sounded great and then it happened; they played their version of “Fucking Hostile.” Yes, the Pantera song. Normally when an opener plays a cover during their limited set, I question it, however, they just released their EP Diary Of A Creep and this song is a track on it. It’s a different take on a classic and I dug it. They finished up their set with “Defame Me.” I look forward to seeing them again.

In This Moment

It was time to get serious with veteran LA gothic metalcore band, In This Moment. As the lights went off Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” rang through the speakers. The theatrics started with a projection on a white tent that doubled as a changing room for Maria Brink. Her entrance was majestic, theatrical, and just plain badass. They played some ten songs during their hour and fifteen minute set including hits “Blood,” “Sick Like Me,” and “Whore.” The crowd was eating it up and was left wanting more. As for me, I didn’t quite relate to the music and the multiple outfit changes, which took too much time, were a little annoying. They could have easily fit in a couple extra tracks during their set without them.

Stone Sour

Finally, it was time for Stone Sour to make their return to Montreal after being absent for over a decade! Let me tell you, Corey Taylor and the crew were on fire! Sadly, Josh Rand didn’t join them on this leg of their tour, he is currently recovering from treatment for an unspecified issue. They started their set with “Tapei Person/ Allah Tea,” “Knievel Has Landed,” and “Made of Scars.” Their hour and fifteen minute set was full of songs from their new album Hydrograd including “Song #3,” “Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I),” and “Fabuless” which served as the set closer and did include their famous inflatable fans. Two of my favourite songs were “30/30-150” and “Through The Glass.”

Corey Taylor is one charming motherfucker, he knows how to take control of a room and make everyone feel like they belong and are part of something special. He’s a class act to boot! This was a rock show, folks. From heavy tunes, ballads, and confetti and sparklers, it had everything you need for a good time! No wonder this show was sold out!

Great bands, awesome times and, hopefully, Stone Sour will be back soon. I am hoping that they will be back for Heavy Montreal with Ozzy Osborne who they will be touring with next. If we read into what Corey said around the end of the night, “We will be back hopefully sooner than you think!” There might be a chance!

For full photo set click here.

Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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