Strike It – Live at Mad Hatters – June 21st, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Strike It – June 21st, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Mad Hatters has been around for many years and it continues to bring in a diverse crowd of punk rockers, metal heads, and groupies. Tonight was a special night of birthday celebrations; friends gathering together, to hear friends play LOUD music. Strike It began playing early in the night. There were about 15 people standing and observing this incredibly loud, energetic band. I saw faces of intrigue as we watched this band do their second performance ever.

It was my first time seeing a show at ‘Hatters. The stage was “floor level” which brought a very intimate feel with the crowd. Because of this, however,  the band’s usual intense energy had to be eased. At one point I saw Dom get mixed up in Matt’s guitar wires! A fuse was blown as well, mid set, which was hilarious, but I would imagine frustrating for the band. Luckily, that was taken care of and the band was able to continue rocking.

We have three giant men covered in tattoos, wearing their T’s and jean shorts playing their guitars and bass as if they are about to 06.22.2013 bas guitardetonate. Keith was “twirl” head banging as he was hitting his drums almost the whole time (which amazed me) sporting his green baseball T-shirt. Dom (vocals) went on the bar at one point, as he was screaming his words then stomped his feet all over the place actually shaking the venue. His baseball cap fell off a bunch of times as he moved around. This definitely brought attention to the ladies. At one point I heard: “I wonder if he is single.” Ladies, yes they are single! Aside from Dom, and Dave, who have been with their girlfriends for quite some time.

The entire performance was memorable. Dom’s performing on the bar, the fuse blowing, and the crazy energy amongst these young men. These guys are definitely worth checking out.

The definition of this party through promotion was in one word: RAGE. That is exactly what these guys brought to the stage. Let me introduce you to Strike It: Dominic Doyon (vocals), Mathieu Lampron (guitars), Philipp Ouellet(guitars), David Markoff (bass) and Keith-Philip Barrette (drums).

Originally starting out with Dom and Matt in their own band, using David as their light guy, these Pointe-Aux-Trembles suburbanites decided to put together Strike It in November of 2012. They found Keith through connections after hearing he has been playing drums for nine years. Phil has also been playing guitar for about ten years.

Very dedicated to what they do, you would never guess they have only been playing for nine months. David has struggled with a broken hand for several months and continued to jam on his bass teaching himself most of what he knows. “I am battling a throat infection tonight! But I am still going to give it my all.” says Dom. And wow, did he.

As the band opened with their “Intro” song, for a crowd of roughly ten, more people from downstairs were coming up. Their loud, heavy guitar riffs, along with Dom’s incredible vocals grabbed everyone’s attention.

The band has written six songs, eventually wanting to record an LP. Phil, Matt, and David write music, and David writes lyrics along with Dom. They would like to record their album within the next seven months.

What we have been through, where we try to go, we try to talk a lot about society sometimes…whatever comes to mind.” says David when asked about what goes on in his mind when he writes.

One of the songs I wrote…it’s called ‘Deserter’. That’s our first one. David wrote it with me. We have the same mind. We think the same.” says Dom. “We try to find positive, real life situations that affect us every day to write about in our lyrics. Something that sounds good!”

The band is also planning on recording a video soon.

The show tonight really expressed how talented these guys truly are.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by John Fraser Landry
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