Structures & Guests – Live at La Sala Rossa – December 9th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

Considering we were in the beginning stages of a blizzard, it wasn’t the best night to head out to a show, but I travelled to La Sala Rossa anyway to see Exalt and Wolves and Defiance. These were two bands I had never heard of before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Wolves and Defiance

Wolves and Defiance was up first. They performed to a decently-sized crowd and everyone in the room had a lot of energy. The singer would do this devilish laugh during some of their songs, making them sound a bit psychotic, which I loved. The laugh suits their music and fits right in with their style. I found their set to be extremely short which is a shame because I would have liked to hear more from them.

Second to take the stage was Beheading of a King. These guys were one of my favorite bands of the night. While they have a really good drummer and guitarist, it was the vocals that I really enjoyed. Their music was a little bit more melodic than the first band, which was a good change of pace. This was apparent particularly during the intro they had playing to kick off their set. These guys really know how to entertain a crowd, seemingly without effort; they just have a natural ability for it, especially with the faces the guitarist was making.

Exalt was up next. I’ll say one thing about this band: they’re definitely different. There were times during their set where I thought they were combining a bunch of weird sounds, eventually adding actual vocals and instrumentals to make a song. Their songs were eerie and deranged, but in a good way. They were both interesting and kind of awesome. Also,I loved their stage presence. The vocalist was all over the place, using up the entire stage while headbanging. These guys can really put on a show.

Obey the Brave was next, and as I’d heard good things about them, I had high hopes. These guys really knew how to get the crowd going; a lot of people were getting into the music. Their sound had an overall great tone. To be honest, I think I may have enjoyed them more than Structures, mainly because they were a tighter band, and I like their music more. Not only did they have a really good drummer, their vocalist was great as well. His voice flows perfectly with the music. Also, he was great at interacting with the crowd. These guys in general are really good at what they do.

Obey The Brave

Finally Structures took the stage. Some people told me they were good, others said they weren’t, so I was curious to see what they had in store for their live show. As it turns out, they have phenomenal stage presence. The singer (who eventually took the guitar when another singer took the stage) had so much energy. He was doing guitar flips, running back and forth, jumping around and interacting with the crowd, letting them sing parts of the songs. It was easily one of the most enjoyable performances I’ve seen in a while. As for the singer, I was on the fence about his vocals at first, but finally decided that they were alright. I preferred the second vocalist though, because his voice was more deep and heavy. When they ended their set, the crowd chanted for another song, so they played a few more. They definitely put on a good show for their fans.

Written & Photographed by Shannon Fong   SLF Photography


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