NO. – Suck My Finger

Do you like sweet love songs about tender passion? What about playing by the rules? Do you enjoy the company of posers? If you answered “NO!” to any or all of these questions, I’m sure you’ll like the band of the same name.

Intense vocals? YES! Vicious bass riffs? ALSO YES! A sound that’s chaotic AND technically tight – you get the picture. This album is a good time (if not a long time) of punks everywhere. The tone does not leave the general vicinity of your face, and leaves the taste of guitar string, drumstick and dirt in your mouth (get it?).

That being said, the album does not stray from the punk formula and is business as usual for the oi crowd. If fast-angry music is your thing, you can do no wrong listening to this smash-terpiece.

The opening track, Nut Symetric, rips from the opening sample (no spoilers!) to the bass/ vocal duet portions to the drop turn around and everything in between. The guitar doesn’t take a back seat, though. It comes in and out with a barrage of treble to balance out the bass. Germ sounds like he shits, pisses and pukes rock ‘n’ roll, and I mean that as a compliment.

The next track, Waste My Time, does nothing of the sort. The vocals sound like there was a jar of honey waiting on the other end of the recording session. Brutal screeching about not taking shit will merit that kind of treatment. I hope Arno takes me at my word about the honey. I know it’s helped me in the studio before.

Sam (on bass) takes the point on the title track. The low end riffage sets the tone, allowing Pipow (drums) branch out. The drums on this track are excellent. From the accent attacks to the tom fills.

Sex Free closes the album with a lot of energy. These boys let you know what’s really on their mind, and give you a lasting image to take away long after the mosh is over and your buddy’s busted nose has been set.

Listen to this album and get pumped to see them live, if you can. Any questions?

Written by Jacques Asselin

About Jacques Asselin 13 Articles
Native to Montréal, now living in Halifax, Jacques Asselin is a multi instrumentalist. Acting as vocalist for The 4Heads, Don't Think Twice, Teach Fire and Fallen Tribunal, Jacques is no stranger to the stage, or the studio. Starting off in pop punk territory, his eclectic taste has branched out in both directions. On one hand - folk and blues. On the other - metal (from stoner to progressive). No matter what genre, Jacques is a fan of passion and innovation in music.

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