Super Grouper – An Interview with Chad Price of A Vulture Wake

Formed in 2016, A Vulture Wake (AVW) is a punk-rooted rock super group consisting of Chad Price of ALL and Drag The River, Joe Raposo of Rich Kids On LSD and Lagwagon, Sean Sellers of Good Riddance and Real McKenzies, and Brandon D. Landelius of The Mag Seven. Releasing their first full-length album back in January of 2017, AVW is ready to launch their next album The Appropriate Level of Outrage with a targeted release of January 31, 2018.

We got the chance to chat with Chad Price about what we could expect from AVW.

How did you go about selecting the members for this supergroup?

Brandon was already jammin’ with Sean. He asked me if I’d be interested and I said, “Hell, yeah!” Joe was brought in a little later after things were already rollin’. We just wanted to play with buddies and avoid the usual drama.

How does each member contribute to the writing process? Do your individual styles contribute differently?

Once the bones of the songs are in place, everyone does their thing. Since everyone has their own style of writing and playing it gives the songs an interesting sound. Since these songs mostly started with Brandon, future songs may possibly be totally different sounding with everyone writing equally.

How have your fans been responding to the new look as well as the sound of your recent 2017 releases?

I feel like our fans of each of our other bands are pretty excited about this. Our bands all kinda run in the same circle so fans know who everyone else is. I’m not sure I understand the question.

How do you choose which other bands to go on tour with? Is it based on their sales, their following, or merely the love and care of friendship?

Usually you go on tour with people you know and like. If things get to be on a higher level then there might be some other factors involved but I wouldn’t know since I haven’t been on that level yet.

Do you love your friends?

Love? Yes. Like? Not always.

Does each of you have your own respective music projects? Will AVW be the main focus?

We are all doing other things but AVW will definitely be the main focus for at least the next year or so.

What’s it like signing with a label? Are they more likely to sign you without having heard any music just based on the names of the members and previous fame?

A label is great as long as they give a shit about the music. If they don’t then you could easily get lost in the mix. I would think that who’s in the band would come second after the music but I guess that depends on the label.

At this point in your lives, has there been a significant change in your lyrical content and messages that you try to convey in your songs?

Yes. It all used to be about partying and girls. Now that I’m older and sober I realize that I care about things. And I have a platform to get my point across. I would be a dick not to use that platform. Responsibility.

Do you prefer playing festivals or your own shows?

I love them. Two totally different vibes. If I had to choose one it would be our own shows because of being up close and personal with people who truly love what you do.

We know what’s on Morgan Freeman’s Bucketlist, but we want to know what’s left on AVW’s Bucketlist?! Tell us all.

Playing the Trump impeachment party. That’s a much kinder answer than I want to give.

Written and Compiled by Keenan Kerr
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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