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As Community’s Troy Barnes would say, T-Booty’s name doesn’t really fit the style of music that he makes, but also…it does? Because the thing is that Booty and the Beast seems to aspire to something more intellectual and – dare I say? – beautiful, but it’s a little hard to swallow when one second he’s talking about tuning out from our now-intrinsic online culture and the next he’s talking about hitting up biddies on his celly.

Production duties are handled by Soundcloud royalty the likes of CashmoneyAP and THAIBEATS. Coupled with Booty’s whopping 178 followers on Facebook, this leads me to believe that he dropped a solid chunk of cash to get this thing made. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does kind of invalidate the broke white guy stoner aesthetic he seems to be trying to cultivate here.

But it also means that the beats are smooth and pretty immaculate. T-Booty also has a proficiency for writing melodies; the hooks on “Tune Out,” “Avenue,” and “Weak” are grade-A. When he does actually try to flow without a melody, the results are a little more underwhelming, and he ends up sounding like a (much) less capable Yelawolf.

The album’s lowest moment comes on the re-imagined version of Linkin Park’sIn the End” titled “Don’t Even Matter.” The familiar nostalgic twang of the opening notes (presented here through midi jazz guitar) is nowhere near enough to save this track from the drunken-karaoke-level chorus delivery that immediately follows. The auto-tune and phaser effects do not help. Somewhere in a quiet place in the afterlife, Chester Bennington is rolling his eyes.

To sum up, this is a half-decent hip hop release that shows real signs of ambition with a couple of real bangers, but it’s a little too scattered to be considered something truly great.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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