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Although people tend to separate metalheads and grunge fans into two separate little boxes, they are really not that different. In fact, their favourite music doesn’t have to differ from each other, and a combination of the two genres is possible. Alternative grunge-metal band T3RR3STRiAL mixes the two genres together perfectly in their latest album, Culture.

“Metropolis” starts off with a strange ringing sound that has an almost alien vibe to it, making the song the most alternative rock track on the album. The song then turns into a grunge track with an angry sound, sounding similar to the Foo Fighters at points, with a strong vocal range and brief moments of screaming fused with loud guitar riffs. It’s good balance between singing and screaming makes it an almost flawless track, though they unfortunately lose that balance around the fifth song.

Both the lyrics and rhythm of “Full Body Cast” are a bit repetitive, but the vocals are once again perfect and it makes up for the repetition. “The Temple” would have been a perfect track, but it was ruined by the frustrating background vocals (or rather, screaming). Screaming is a staple of the heavy metal genre, however the screaming in this track sounded exactly the same as the screaming in the rest of the album; it’s always with the same intonation, with words that are impossible to decipher and a voice that is at times hard to take seriously. Luckily, Matt Pena displays a wonderful vocal range and the first minute of the song has an interesting sound, reminiscent of Soundgarden’s “Spoonman”.

Much like the previous song, the final track, “Sleepwalking”, would be perfect if it weren’t for the Muppet-like screaming halfway through. Thankfully, the rest of the song sounds like a beautiful cross between Canadian bands Moist and Our Lady Peace, with well-written lyrics, and an almost orchestral beginning. It will leave you craving more T3RR3STRiAL.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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Ever since her toddler years, Franca has had a passion for film and music. Raised on classic rock, she will always keep the bands she grew up with close to her heart. Her taste in music has broadened throughout the years. Listening to a mix of rock, indie, blues, and metal, she loves hearing about new bands, and is always willing to give other genres a try. Her favourite decade of music is the 60s and her favourite bands include The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, The Damn Truth, The White Stripes, and, depending on her mood, ABBA. She is studying communications in college, in hopes of someday being either a journalist or filmmaker.

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