Talk-Sick – Live at Cafe Chaos – November 18th, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Talk-Sick - November 18th, 2013 - Montreal, Quebec

It was Chaotik Monday night which is held weekly at Café Chaos. It consists of some of Montreal’s best punk bands that play a few sets for 3 bucks. John and I arrived at the grimy venue around 9 as I was coming straight from work. We chatted at the bar and caught up while we waited for the show to begin. On this particular night,we unfortunately missed Crossbones’ set but had a chance to catch street punk band The Resistance. DrummerIsabelle Julien really caught my eye/ears; she was insanely fast & tight, and extremely technical. I loved Franky Flame’s raspy, Dicky Barrett-style vocals, and his funky bass riffs just made the whole get up pretty raw.

I enjoyed not seeing you…fuck off camera guy….” rambled Talk-Sick bassist and vocalist Pike as the band began setting up. It was the band’s first and last show of IMG_93102013, and I could see the excitement in their faces. The place emptied right out between sets, and I was a little worried that Talk-Sickwould play to an empty venue. “Why is there no music playing…we’re not here to entertain you…” said Dorian as he tuned his guitar. The band clearly has a comedic appeal to them, as lead guitarist Travis confirmed to me later on: “If you take four guys who have a tendency towards over drinkin’ and have ’em play/write music together for nearly a decade… we just kinda act like we normally do with each other on stage.”

IMG_9744The loud intro song brought a huge crowd inside while they started up. Pike slappedon his bass as Travis and Dorion wailed away on their guitars. Jesse took his shirt off and prepared to go apeshit on his drums. When “A Farce” started, I was completely flabbergasted by the three strong vocalists sharing the stage. Between Travis’ deep growl-y voice, Pike’s high pitched range, and Dorian’s “right in between the two,” it was a perfect match. Not having seen something like this before, I was totally amazed by how well they blended, and the awesome original idea of not having one lead vocalist, but sharing the stage with three awesome ranges.

This one’s about your mother,” Pike taunted towards the crowd. The tune “It’s Funny” began and it was this song that made the band’s Flag influence heard. I love the band’s loud, groovy punk elements with their natural ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude. “Bananas” stood out from the rest for me as it was a little slower paced and had a bit more of a metal influence. For a band with no official front-man, it shows how well these guys click together on stage. “Our first full length was almost like a compilation. We wrote songs individually, and just recorded them together. It was all over the place. Since then, we’ve managed to amalgamate our song writing,” said Travis.

The band ended the night with some requests from the crowd; songs they haven’t played in years like, “OCD” and “Murder,” which made the crowd insanely happy. People around me were drunkenlysinging along. The band was basically going with the flow at this point, not being completely prepared for these encores. They did an awesome job nonetheless, and the crowd still wanted more.

In 2006, Talk-Sick formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The band re-located to Montreal in 2008 and since then, have made two full length albums: “Waste” (2007), and “,Genetics” (2012), plus a 7inch “Wish You Were Beer” (2009). Expect something new in 2014.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by John Fraser Landry


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