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When I was in high school, a student in my concert band class once told me that he only listens to bands from before the 1980s OR the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I haven’t seen him in probably eleven years, but I think I could turn him on to this week’s review. Change Your Position is the sophomore full-length from English rock band Tax the Heat. The band brings together heavy, 60s and 70s-esque riffage and over-the-top vocals to create an all around huge sounding album. If you’re into bands like Royal Blood or RavenEye or if you’ve opened your musical interests up a little bit since grade ten, give Tax the Heat’s new album a listen.

You’ll know whether this album is for you right off the bat. Change Your Position kicks off with “Money in the Bank,” a riff-centred song with soaring vocals that are somewhat reminiscent of, no offense, Wolfmother. As far as my favourite song on Change Your Position, it’s a toss up between “Playing With Fire” and “Wearing a Disguise.” The former manages to get almost sludgy during the bridge before bringing things back around with a melodic chorus while the latter maintains a softer feel all around. I found both songs to be interesting throughout their respective runtimes and felt they really embodied the heavy-but-catchy schtick that Tax the Heat are going for.

My main gripe with Tax the Heat is that the band doesn’t really offer anything that unique. There are no real duds on this album, but it feels like I’ve heard it all before. The band brings some interesting instrumental moments on “Playing With Fire” and “On The Run,” but I don’t feel that there are enough of these moments to keep my focus.

Change Your Position is a great rock album. The production is perfect for what Tax the Heat are going for; it’s clean but not over-produced for the style. The riffs are huge and the vocals are on point, I just don’t know that I could pick these guys out of a lineup.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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