The Agonist Lead The First En Route to Heavy MTL Showcase

It’s the most wonderful time of year: the excessive show season leading up to festival season (which is an even more wonderful time of year!). To some this just means being perpetually broke, but to others it means Battle of the Bands competitions for the chance to be on some big ass, grand ol’ stage. If you were waiting for the latter, you’re going to be ever so slightly disappointed this year.

The Agonist-1
The Agonist

You might be wondering what the bloody hell I’m talking about (in which case, if you were part of the latter group in my previous statement, then you’re kinda shitty at looking forward to something, now aren’t ya!) For those of pure ignorance, En Route to Heavy MTL started out a few years ago as a way for local acts to fight their way to their city’s own Metal Mecca. Previous winners on the road to the Heavy MTL bill have included Of Temples, Hollow, and most recently, Eagle Tears. This year, as I’ve already mentioned, will be a tad different. You know, nothing crazy, just NO CONTEST AT ALL.

This time around, no contest, no judges, no feedback, and no sweating your balls off praying to god you beat out that band that literally just slew the crowd. Instead, the powers that be have organized a series of ‘Showcases.’ Each headliner will pick a list of “up and coming” bands to play a regular run of the mill gig with them. Will they end up getting requested for this year’s Heavy MTL? Maybe, maybe not. Nonetheless, The Agonist album launch this past Friday at Foufounes Electriques including local up-and-comers Faithful Synthesis, Kolony, Unbeing, and former Heavy MTL finalist Karkaos was still a pretty sick night nonetheless. Stay tuned: maybe this will get interesting, or maybe it wont. I sincerely don’t fucking know.

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Eric Brisson  
Eric Brisson Photography


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