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With only four tracks, The Begowatts’ self-titled EP is short yet sweet with a nice vintage sound to it as a whole – I’d bust this out at BBQ kinda thing. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, they are composed of four elements: David French (vocals/lead guitar), Ben Tofflemire (rhythm guitar), Chris Lietz (Bass), and Arthur Eigenbrot (drums/vocals). They seem like a bunch of good-humored cats to boot.

On their site, this bit amused me:

“The Begowatts began as an extremely clever way to piss off their first landlord and have since become one of Madison’s premier rock & roll shows. What began as a rag-tag collection of very handsome men (and one drummer) just banging out a few covers to entertain friends has become, through sacrifice and hardship, a full-fledged, bowel-quivering rock n’ roll band.”

Well all right sirs, let’s see if my bowels quiver.

First up is a track called Preacher Girl.” It’s easy on the ears, and simply catchy. Once the singer opened his pipes, though, I couldn’t help but think Danzig does blues rock?! Sweeeeet!” Putting the image of Danzig out of my head, this track has some nice ebbs n’ flows to it, but my bowels remain ‘quiverless’.

With the second track, “Wanderer,” I will admit I felt a slight purr amongst my bowel region…again, simple and catchy with a staple solo thrown in for good measure. I rather dug the hand-clappy vibe to it, and I’m not a big hand-clappy music type, for the record. Titled “Devil’s got a Gun,” track three’s a fun ride, man! I liked the broken-up vocal sound during some bits, and the way the drummer changes up the tempo in subtle smashing ways— reckon this one’s the standout track for me.

My bowels have yet to quiver, though.

Once I hit play on the last track, “Sophisticated Lady,” (a case of better watching it live vs. listen) I’m sorry to say my bowels ceased to move. I dug the solo towards the end, had some rockabilly vibe to it, but that’s about it. This track made me think of George Thorogood’s hit, “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,” right off the bat, and after hearing his track more times than I care to count, I lost interest in this track as a result. Just a lil’ too uncanny in audio likeliness for me.

Overall, it is a fun listen; nice and raw, and I’d say a great live act to enjoy some brews to. Given they’re just warming up, I guess it is just a matter of time before they get real quivers outta bowels.

With the band listing influences such as “The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Black Keys, Blue Oyster Cult, Talking Heads, and many more,” if you dig any of those bands (or say The Sheepdogs to give a recent comparison for vibe’s sake) then this EP will go down nicely. Also goes to show rock n’ roll will never die with new bands coming up like The Begowatts carrying on that good ol’ vibe!

Written by Angie Radczenko
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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