The Contortionist, Fallujah, Revocation, Toothgrinder, Fayne and Rise of Elis- Live at Petit Campus- February 22nd, 2015 – Montreal, Quebec

The Contortionist & Guests - February 22nd, 2015 - Montreal, QC
Rise Of Elis-5
Rise Of Elis

After a long, shitty, cold ass week in Montreal I was finally able to catch literally all of my current favourite bands play the same bill thanks to Extensive Enterprise. I will try my best not to sound too fan-girly or biased, but these bands really hit a soft spot in my heart and make it beat so incredibly fast.

I sadly missed the first band Rise of Elis, a fairly new Montreal Deathcore band in the local scene. The show began at 6pm on the dot, and after speaking to vocalist J-C, he mentioned that he was pleased with the crowd presence for 6pm. Do not hesitate to give these guys a listen here.


As I walked in, my boys Fayne were up and I ran in so I would be able to catch as much as I could of their set. All biased aside, two years ago I gave these guys a perfect 10 when I saw them play live for the first time. I’d say this performance gets a 15/10. I am so proud of how far these guys have come after some challenges and breaks in their careers. They will soon embark on a small Ontario/Quebec tour, which is a huge step. I missed a mic incident, where vocalist Joseph Espinosa had lost his mic and he continued singing without one. Now that is passion! He later found it and all was good. I rambled on a little bit there; when I walked in, all I saw was (of course) Joseph in the crowd hugging and high fiving everyone while growling his heart out right in the centre of the crowd. They even blessed us with a new track, “Static.” The place was booming with the Fayne-nation. Do not ever miss a chance to see these guys play because you will be in for a huge party with lots of sweaty hugs, heavy boom-mery, and whacky guitar solos.


Jersey’s Toothgrinder was up next. Now, after listening to these guys for the last six months, learning the lyrics to their tracks, and slowly falling more in love with them, I was definitely looking forward to seeing what they’ve got live. I was not disappointed. That is an understatement. Holy Fucking Hell! If you like bands like Norma Jean then you’d certainly dig this band – Norma Jean is the band I can compare them to the most, but they still give their own twist. Vocalist Justin Matthews brought tons of energy while he ran around the stage, screaming his heart out, his eyes about to bulge out of his head while he intensely stared into the distance. At one point I had to turn and ask myself what he was staring at. He isn’t hard to look at either. Words around me were positive; “I’m gonna buy their album. Wow.” In fact “Wow!” was the most frequent comment I overheard. Wills Weller was even compared to Animal from The Muppets regarding how “monstrous” he was on drums – lots of hair flying everywhere, along with the tightness of his drum banging. There were moments of sick solos and groovy bass lines that made my stomach flip (in a good way). It was fun to sing along to “Polar Complex: Schizophrenic Jubilee” during their “Saaaaave yourseeelllfffff” chant. A band that’s been around five years, that will certainly keep going. Raise those horns.


Up next was Frisco’s technical, prog metal band Fallujah. “Montreal, make some noise!” demanded Alex Hofmann. Having already given these guys some positive feedback when I discovered them at last years Summer Slaughter Fest held in Montreal, I will continue to do so in this current review. Petit Campus is smaller than Foufounes Electriques and I happen to enjoy the sound a lot more. The sound these guys brought in was absolutely spectacular. Every track told a story; I personally love prog for this very reason. They closed with “Sapphire” off their latest release The Flesh Prevails. This album has gotten a ton of amazing reviews online for its atmospheric, melodic elements, and seeing this live was definitely a pleaser.


Next was the ever-so-reputable (and now I know why), Revocation. Hailing from Boston, these guys brought the most energy to the crowd out of the entire night. The first circle pit was formed for them (albeit, the band DID ask the crowd to form one, but overall I noticed how pumped everyone got when these guys hit the stage). This was the one band I haven’t actually heard of or listened to before checking ’em out. Friends have ranted and raved about how awesome they are and how amazing the new album, Deathless, is. Well, they weren’t wrong. I loved David Davidson’s whacky sense of humour on stage while he sang, bringing an overall fun, fast, goofy performance which left me wanting more.

The Contortionist-10
The Contortionist

Finally, Indiana’s ever-so-dramatic The Contortionist came on stage. Their performance was every bit how I dreamed it would be. When I listen to Language I picture a dreamy, melodramatic smoke machine and ridiculous light show. Well that is exactly what they brought to the stage. Not to mention Mike Lessard’s robotic moves, serial killer looks of intensity while he either screamed his heart out or sang his beautifully soft clean vocals. What a voice this man has. The sound overall was just about perfect for this band’s performance, making their show every bit as theatrical and magical as it could possibly be. “Primordial Sound” is a track definitely not worth missing live.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Eric Brisson Eric Brisson Photography
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