The Dark Silence of Death – The Dark Silence of Death

The Dark Silence of Death – The Dark Silence of Death


Mexican four-piece stoner rock band The Dark Silence of Death offer us their self-titled album, just in time for the spookiest time of the year, and also, the best time of the year. This one’s got some classic stoner metal feels, staying true to what stoner metalheads crave; deep, dark, and creepy riffs, paired with some commanding vocals reminiscent of any 80s slasher shock horror movie just to keep things interesting.

We’ve talked about how certain albums fulfill purpose and intention, and this one’s got it: Album art that caters to the classic stoner metal aesthetic, nice and doomy feels of rainy days when you might get murdered, but also riffs that make you feel like you’re carrying the sword that will make you the hero of the horror movie that is your life. This might not be the most revolutionary piece of artwork that ever lived, but it sits exactly where it is supposed to, and that is deserving of respect and attention.

The seventh track “Shades of red” showcases guitarist Jesús Osuna’s wonderful ability to give the listener not too much, but just enough ‘slippery when wet’ guitar solos that fit in the loveliest way into the clear template of the album. I cannot stress enough how beyond important and apparent it becomes to know your place in a band and play according to how you fit into the group you’re playing with. That takes a certain maturity that necessitates a certain wisdom as a musician and as a human being.

“The end” is the most emotion-evoking track on this record, purely because it has the most organic and raw feel to it. Absolutely beautiful background rhythm paired with such graceful guitar solos that just make me sad it isn’t 20 minutes long. You can hardly ever go wrong with a twinge of blues guitar. Hopefully, future releases will cater to my craving for a touch more progressive direction for The Dark Silence of Death, but hey, I’m not God, I’m just a stoner that likes stonery stuff and trippy shit, especially when it’s got the occultist factor present. The more organic and true-to-self, the better.

Written by Talia Plante
*edited by Mike Milito

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A classically trained pianist from the Laval suburbs, Talia sees no other clear path in life other than her passion for music. An experienced music teacher and social bird, she seizes any opportunity to be with others. Being an avid psychonaut and lover of emotional connection, she can often be found at parties of any variety, likely rubbing her face on cats she’s allergic to, or somehow slipping into conversation that black metal and baroque music are really just close cousins. Her lifetime favourites include Black Sabbath and Liszt, and anything even remotely psychedelic, doom, or stoner-like. Her current dreams are to become the modern day Mary Poppins (umbrella and children’s laughter included), buy a van to drive across any drive-able land, and spread sunshine wherever she goes. If spotted in the wild, the best way to make her smile is to ask her anything…or offer some cheese.

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