The Last Endast Show

Endast & Guests - April 17th, 2015 - Montreal, QC

Island city metal indeed! The night of April 17th at Foufounes Electriques was certainly a memorable one. For the last time, the Montreal metal scene watched Endast play. After ten years of seriously given’er, members of Endast have decided to bring this chapter of their musical careers to an end. Bittersweet is their departure. It’s unfortunate we won’t see Endast again, but I also have no doubt that we’ll see multiple awesome bands and/or projects stem from it.


Of course no send off is complete without close bands and fans to help you go out with a bang. Crosstitution, The Great Sabatini, Out of the Ruins and Delta Oscar Tango all played killer sets, and the Montreal metalheads in attendance took it all in.

While covered in (presumably) fake blood, the lead singer of Crosstitution dedicated the track “Extortion” to Big James of Endast, and then “Piece of Shit” to the fans in the audience. He also really enjoys saying, “Fuck you” in between most tracks.

With bassist Rob taking point, The Great Sabatini were next and played their set with barely a pause in between tracks, thus keeping the momentum going strong. They also had a dedication of sorts for Endast: a sample of the Ultimate Warrior wrestler talking trash with “Endast” comically plugged in.

Out of the Ruins

Out of the Ruins was next and were a great addition to the line up. With regards to the lead singer Lisa Sinner, Bucketlist Editor, Kate Erickson was quoted as saying, “Instead of being an example of “Oh look, these girls are tough”, I feel like Out of the Ruins redefines the level of hardcore that women are capable of.

Delta Oscar Tango, a.k.a D.O.T., put on intense and sharp performance as usual. With them was their new drummer, Dennis, and a lot of fans couldn’t help but notice the boys of Tantrumn were back together. Despite how great Tantrumn was, fans will agree that D.O.T. is a more refined and mature band, and are superb to see live.

(5) ENDAST 4

As Endast put it themselves, this show was the first of three nails in the coffin. The next two are April 24th at Rotilicious in Ajax, and April 25th at Absinthe in Hamilton. So, if you’re kicking yourself for having missed the MTL show, you still have a chance to see Endast one last time. As they started their set, they were very appreciative of the bands that played with them and of all the fans that had come out to say goodbye. You could feel how all the band members 9Chris, James, Pepe, Steve and Ryan) were taking it in that this was the last set for Montreal. As emotional as it was, they played their fuckin’ hearts out. As a special extra, alumni members Blair and Paul got to join them for a few tracks as well.

Even when something is written in stone or metal, it cannot last forever. All good things must come to and end, even those of the most enduring.

Written by Joey Beaudin
Photography by Angie Radczenko
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