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The Matters - The Matters


The Matters are a classic rock band coming from the city of Austin, Texas. They are coming out with their self-titled five-song EP, The Matters. The band’s style is that of Led Zeppelin and The Red Hot Chili Peppers mixed with The White Stripes.

The EP starts with “Survive,” complete with an awesome guitar hook and I’m guessing they’re automated drums because there is no mention of a drummer. Automated or not, there are cowbell hits happen within the first ten seconds, and I love it. The overall feeling of this opening is that the band is saying they have classic rock knowledge, and they do.

There’s definitely a feeling of psychedelia throughout the EP. Songs like “In Touch” have varied textured sections with a harmonica and atmospheric background for example, while the main guitarist (Alejandro “Bob” Rios) does an awesome lick/solo that fits perfectly in RHCP territory.

Their ode to them doesn’t stop there though, they continue the psychedelic experience with a funk-infused vibe in “Patience.” This song is guitar focused , using various effects, including the bassist (Chase Morgan) getting the spotlight more with a bass solo/lick section.

“Foolish Man” is a ballad. It honestly showcases lead vocalist, Garrett Brown’s talent to show that not only is his voice rock-fitting, but the emotions can also burst out in the timbre of his voice. You can feel the genuine emotion of his voice as the guitars strum on dreamy chords while occasionally roller coaster-ing in more intense emotional territory (in other words the classic buildup/crescendo, followed by an emotional guitar solo a la Queen.) This song follows a pure formula, but it’s enjoyable.

We end with “Peasants,” which starts with a heavy bassline and psychedelic guitars, then we are hit with a hard rock Zeppelin influence sound that would make a crowd jump. The singer even does a raw scream. The solos kick in and we are hit with a perfect closer, a guitar duel that’s both emotional and fun.

The Matters is a very enjoyable EP that sounds like a real ode to classic rock with modern sounding instruments. At times they reminded me of a happier version of Black Sabbath. I can see them getting better and bigger if they add more of their own influences .

Written by Peter Lountzis
*edited by Mike Milito

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