The NAKED WILD – Beauty Fools EP


There’s a lot to say about The NAKED WILD‘s debut EP Beauty Fools. For starters, it’s extremely cohesive. The songs all stand out on their own, but together the listening experience is very rich. They build and crumble, swell and shift, like natural storms. The intertwining melodies provided by guitar and vocals are always engaging in their dreamy execution.

The band is led by brothers Nick and David Burton, and rounded out by bassist Micah Lowenstein. I can tell you that Lowenstein is the guy with the dreadlocks, but in all of my research could not figure out which of the brothers is which; I therefore couldn’t tell you which one is singing, but I know they both play guitar. I can also tell you that whomever is singing has a voice caught somewhere between country croon and rock and roll yelp, and it positively shines on this record.

“Brett’s Song” is an instantly catchy ditty that mimics dirty rap in a very tongue-in-cheek way. Burton (one of them) sings, “Young money, blood money, booze money, whose money anyway?” (Or who’s, because sometimes you just wake up feeling like money. Isn’t art fun?)

The track “Neighbor” starts like something softer out of Weezer’s back catalogue before shifting into an earnest chorus more akin to the likes of Young the Giant. Lowenstein’s bassline steals the show for half of “Rabbit Proof Fence” before more twists bring the song into a prog-style breakdown à la 30 Seconds to Mars, before coming back to a Beatles-style sing-along of “la la las”. “Summer” is the most straightforward song here, a folk rocker not far off from something that big name Canadian Sam Roberts might do.

Beauty Fools never loses momentum during its thirteen-minute run. For a first release, this is extremely impressive. This is a band for any rock fan to keep an eye on.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Kate Erickson

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