The Readys – Songs That Sound The Same

The Readys – Songs That Sound The Same


Songs That Sounds The Same is the latest EP from the Newmarket, Ontario band The Readys. Clocking in at just around 11 minutes, the EP is a mix of punk and melodic hardcore. Songs That Sound The Same is performed well enough, but the title is a little too on the nose. There’s not a lot about the release that I enjoyed going back for repeat listens.

Being such a short release, I’m just going to go through Songs That Sound The Same track by track. There’s not a lot to say about “French for High Tension.” It’s a straight forward punk tune. There’s a small bridge near the end that breaks the repetitive cycle of the song but after the first 30 seconds or so, it felt like I had heard the whole song already. Couple that with Jarod Semple singing more or less the same note throughout the track and I’m just already having a hard time liking this thing.

“Damaged Goods” faired a lot better to my ears. While it does have a simple song structure, the backing vocals throughout add a lot to the tune. Sure, “WOOOOAHS” can be a little played out, but who doesn’t love hearing them once in a while? The song has the strongest melodies that The Readys bust out on this release and the bridge/guitar solo section really help to keep the song from dragging. “Damaged Goods” isn’t breaking any new sonic ground, but it’s a well-constructed song that I feel plays to the band’s strengths.

Moving on, we’ve got “Nostalgia is a Cruel Mistress, Bitch.” Another strong vocal showing, the song’s got a strong, albeit a little less catchy, melody throughout. The instrumentation is a bit more deliberate this time around, with some more intricate rhythmic stops and starts throughout that help it step out of the background a bit. And I know I harped on the vocals on “French for High Tension,” but the duelling one-note guitar solos in the middle section of this tune is just really funny. “Nostalgia is a Cruel Mistress, Bitch” isn’t the strongest song on the EP, but I’d say the solo section easily makes it the most memorable.

Closing out Songs That Sound The Same is the track “Bro Down.” Possibly The Readys’ answer to Black Flag’s “TV Party Tonight,” the song is a pretty mindless party tune. Fun for the first minute or so, “Bro Down” probably didn’t need to be more than a short interlude song. The song never really builds to anything, so that four-minute runtime starts to feel like more and more of a drag each listen. Remember that thing I said earlier about “WOOOOOAHS” and how they’re good “once in a while?” Well, filling nearly a quarter of the song with them proved to be too much for my ears.

Songs That Sound The Same is a fairly apt title for this EP. While none of the tunes sound that similar to one another, the songs themselves are too repetitive for my taste. I think “Damaged Goods” is a standout track by The Readys and “Nostalgia is a Cruel Mistress, Bitch” has some real charm to it, but the release as a whole could’ve used some reworking.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Mike Milito

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