The Sick Things – We Got It Figured Out


We Got It Figured out is the first ever release from Montreal quartet The Sick Things. The EP is short on substance, but it showcases the bands strengths and ultimately leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

The Sick Things seem to have taken the old rock n’ roll motto of keeping things simple to heart, as every song is short and straightforward in structure. Though they’re far from being the first band to proclaim their adherence to this mindset, what they lack in originality, they make up for in charisma and execution. Lead singer and guitar player Cam Turin has a great voice and is the highlight of the record. His style is raw and unfiltered, but he inflects just enough emotion to make it all more meaningful despite the sometimes thin lyrical content.

With it’s 1970s-sounding guitar riff intro that is part Kansas and part The Strokes, title track “We Got It Figured Out” serves as a good introduction to the band’s style of melodic rock mixed with old school attitude, led by a charismatic and talented singer. Not a bad mix at all. Aside from Turin’s aforementioned vocal talents, the rest of the band does a good job supporting him without really standing out in any fashion. That being said, this is not the kind of music that needs too much showmanship. Even Turin himself seems to be able to exercise some restraint, as there are only a few guitar solos to speak of and no vocals eccentricities, such as harmonies or adlibs, to be found.

We Got It Figured Out’s production values are, disappointingly, quite low. I don’t imagine the band was going for a radio-ready sheen, but the record is not up to the standards that most listeners are accustomed to in terms of sonic quality. It’s a letdown because the music, although very strong, suffers from a lack of production.

With a runtime of about ten minutes, it is hard to get into a deep analysis of what The Sick Things may or may not have to offer. But the one thing that is clear is that this band has a very strong foundation upon which to build. One can only hope that this small glimpse is but a preview of some great things to come.

Written by Ben Massicotte
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Ben Massicotte's passion for music originated at the age of 12 when he witnessed his step dad getting a massive speeding ticket on the 401 while blasting ACDC's "Shoot To Thrill". A die-hard metal fan as a teenager, he spent an unhealthy amount of time seeking out the most obscure and over-the-top power metal bands out there, but, he also secretly listened to some Garth Brooks and Ice Cube when his friends weren't around. He eventually matured and got his degree in Jazz Guitar Interpretation as well as a music production and sound engineering diploma from Musitechnic. His days consist of working at a well-known music store as well as managing the band High and Mighty for which he also plays guitar.

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