Throne of Eden – …And No One Knows EP

Throne of Eden is the type of metalcore band I would’ve loved in high school. Their debut EP …And No One Knows contains many of the genre’s cliches but does so skillfully and with earnest. The first of three tracks, “Tombstone Lullaby”, opens with a synth riff that I imagine is meant to be creepy but just sounds corny. From there the song shifts into standard melodic metal; pretty guitar leads, chugging and heavy rhythm guitar parts and impressive drum fills. Lyrically it covers familiar ground. It’s a bittersweet ode to someone that has died and uses typical metal imagery like heaven, hell, angels and graveyards.

The following track, “Abstract of Sin”, is my favourite of the three.  It’s the heaviest track and features a rougher but still melodic singing style in the song’s fast thrash-inspired opening. Alongside those are typical metal screams in the song’s slower and heavier moments. Those screams are accompanied by melodic harmony parts that immediately bring to mind metalcore visionaries Atreyu and Avenged Sevenfold, both of whom Throne of Eden openly lists as influences.

The Avenged Sevenfold connection is even more apparent on the final track, “Forever and Always”, a love song that bears a strong resemblance to the their hit “Seize the Day”. It opens as a beautiful and soft acoustic guitar driven song. For the first time on the EP Throne of Eden manages to almost avoid convention. I expected the song to reach a loud crescendo but it never came. Instead the song treads lightly towards a melodramatic electric guitar solo that would sound right at home on a Guns ‘n Roses album, followed by distorted but pretty and not exactly heavy rhythm guitar flourishes accompanied by brief and light drumming.

Mainstream metal is often mocked for its predictability and unfortunately …And No One Knows does nothing but add fuel to the fire. Despite obvious technical talent, the band failed to bring any originality to a formula that saw its rise to popularity roughly ten years ago. An EP like this is likely to impress a young and recent metal convert but will be easily dismissed by anyone who’s been exposed to the genre for an extended period of time. …And No One Knows is available on their Bandcamp page where they have announced that they’re halfway through recording their first full-length album. Personally, I hope that in the time between the release of …And No One Knows and the full-length they find a way to separate themselves from all of the other metal bands  like them who for some reason feel comfortable and justified in labelling themselves “progressive”.

Written by Brian Clarke

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