Truckfighters with Telekinetic Yeti and Floating Widget – Live at Foufounes Electriques – October 6th, 2017 – Montreal, QC

It was the week of stoner, doom, psychedelic rock n’ roll. I checked out Yawning Man the night before at Turbohaus, and tonight was none-other than Sweden’s Truckfighters who happened to tour with each other at some point. Truckfighters have a completely different approach to the psychedelic stoner rock going from an ambience to a super lively high energy performance. Checking out different shows like this keeps me high.

Floating Widget

When the show began capacity was decent enough for Montreal’s rock band foursome, Floating Widget and the crowd just kept growing. These guys come with some interesting background experience having vocalist and bassist Vincent Peake also a part of legendary local band Grimskunk. Floating Widget clearly have strong musicianship. They were incredibly tight and very compatible on stage. Now, not to sound like a cunt but why the fuck doesn’t Peake SING more! He screamed a lot, but when he sang my jaw dropped. I am not the biggest fan of the growly singing style so for me, it wasn’t the most tolerable. Everything else made up for it though. I love this band—they are really fun to watch and clearly the crowd was super excited and ate them up! Drummer, Mat Demon was kind enough to come and say hi to me afterwards as well.

Telekinetic Yeti

After a very long layover, the next band took the stage: Iowa’s Telekinetic Yeti. How badass is that name? Now, my first sexist reaction to this band was, “Hmm, the stereotypical doom band look: long haired/bearded/bell bottoms the whole nine yards.” Yeah, I was enticed. Also, this band is a two-piecer which I tend to be a big fan of—if a band can kill it just being two members, that is something special. I wish I had my earplugs though especially when vocalist/guitarist, Alex Baumann asked the sound tech to up the sound to ‘le max.’ These guys were LOUD. Loud and raw. I was digging the start of this set but as it went on all the riffs started sounding the same. I am a big fan of stoner/doom rock and it can tend to sound a little repetitive at times but this was a little too much. I was also a bit confused because they do go a little crazy and outside the box a few times to doom with a lot of off beats/noise/craziness. They played a bunch of tracks off their album Abominable, like “Electonaut” which is incredibly reminiscent of Black Sabbath’s “Snowblind.” Overall, Telekinetic Yeti was in Montreal for the first time and it seems like they impressed the crowd.


Last and not least was the ever-seemingly-excited fuzz rock band, Truckfighters. I was on the same page as I haven’t seen these guys since January and the last time wasn’t as pleasant as I was incredibly ill. They played Le Ritz back then, which is a quarter the size of Foufs so it made for a pretty uncomfortable time. This time around as we had more space and I was so happy for that. The floor was full by the time they got on. Unfortunately, we were running a little late and they played for about an hour but I could have taken another hour or two watching these guys. Truckfighters is one of the few psychedelic rock bands I’ve seen to give the crowd enough energy to form a pit! The sound was also incredible—I did not look carefully enough but vocalist/bassist, Oskar Cafermalm was speaking Swedish to what seemed to be their own sound person and did he ever sound so good. His voice was the clearest I’ve heard as of late at Foufs. Guitarist Niklas Källgren was all over the place doing high jumps, pointing his mic to the crowd to get them singing, clapping, and playing his guitar behind his head! Whatever he is taking, I’ll take two! Truckfighters encored with “Desert Cruiser” and got the whole crowd singing along.

I think I have slight whiplash from all the headbanging that night.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Eric Brisson Photography
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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