U-Boats – Self Titled EP

The new three-track EP from Swedish group U-Boats starts off with the a song called “Twist of a Kiss”. This song gave off a very cool, fun, rock vibe, one we haven’t heard much of since the mid-nineties. As a huge rock/alternative fan, this song put a smile on my face from the very first verse, and by the time the chorus kicked in, I was swaying. The lyrics intrigued me, and was looking forward to hearing what the rest of the EP had to offer.

The second song on the album, “Home is Not Alone”, is my favourite of the three. It has a great teen-angsty fee. The progressive guitar riff, the whiny vocals, and the angry, emotional, almost protesting lyrics, really brought me back to how I felt when I was a fourteen and first discovering different genres of music. I enjoyed this song from start to finish. This song out of all of them really showcases the genre of music under which U-Boats falls, as well as the message the band try to get across with this EP; “WE WANNA BE HEARD!” In my opinion, this song and rest of the EP really deliver that message loud and clear.

The third and final track on this crazy, upbeat and emotional rollercoaster of an EP bring us down from the high of the first two tracks, to a sorrowful, mellow feel. This song is probably the weakest of the three, but still delivers a strong message. And, once is picks up, it almost redeems itself. Though it was not my favorite, I can still appreciate certain elements of the song, such as the vocals.

The U-Boats probably won’t surprise you, but they can for sure get some heads to bang and some bodies to move. Even though the band and their EP did not stand out to me as anything I haven’t heard before, it must be acknowledged that in this day and age, it can be difficult to distinguish one self amongst the competition.  Though this EP was not one of my favourites, I have no regrets in listening to it, and if the U-Boats ever came to town, I wouldn’t mind being in the audience to hear them live.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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