Ultraptérodactyle Celebrate Record Launch for Festival Anachronik April 30th

Fans of loud guitars and dinosaurs rejoice! Montreal pop-punk-garage trio Ultrapterodactyle is releasing a new EP titled Sludge Pop, available online April 28th. The band will also perform at Festival Anachronik, Thursday April 30th at TRH-Bar with Gazoline and Alert The Medic to celebrate the EP release.

Formed by Pierre-Antoine Von Gogol (guitar, vocals), Dorothée Parent-Roy (bass, vocals) and Mathieu Poirier (drums), Ultraptérodactyle has been making noise on the Montreal scene for a couple of years now with their blend of distorted sounds and catchy hooks. On Sludge Pop, the band further explores that contrast, having fun with the loud-quiet structures, playing with boy-girl vocals, and mixing pop choruses with sludge metal breakdowns.

This new EP is also about owning the fact that this is a thirty-something college-punk-rockers band and everything that comes with it; keeping the band’s line up as simple as possible (hurray for power-trios), tapping in 90s repertoire for musical inspiration and of course writing songs about “adult stuff” like how to deal with evil exes, social anxiety and feeling like an out of place dinosaur.

Recorded by David Kunstatter (Leamers, Amanita Bloom, Femme Accident) between a Longueuil studio and a Little Italy apartment, this new EP (or should we say mini-album?) is the trio’s longest effort so far with 6 tracks ranging from FM alt-rock sing-along song with “(L’empreinte de l’éléphant est une) Baignoire”, to the noisy yet dancy riffs of I Love You (Stupid F*cking B*tch).

The whole EP will be available on April 28th at ultrapterodactyle.bandcamp.com where people can already listen to “I Love You (Stupid F*cking B*tch) People can also catch the band at a dive bar in the Montreal area.

Upcoming shows:

April 30th – TRH-Bar, Montreal // Launch show with Gazoline and Alert! The Medic
Mai 22nd – Bistro de Paris, Montreal
June 19th – Hémisphère Gauche, Montreal // Flowergliders’s farewell show
July 5th – Quai des Brumes, Montreal // Ultr-ACOUSTICO-dactyle (Unplugged)

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