V For Mania Release “Goodnight My Dear” Official Music Video

V For Mania’s latest single, “Goodnight My Dear” is a darker, more mature sound than their previous releases, reminiscent of the lost emo sound of the mid-2000’s, with modern flair and attitude. Directed by Waqas Bin Idress of Pack of Moustaches Media, the video shows lead singer, Daniel Teichman going on a killing spree at a cocktail party, portraying themes of anger, rage, and revenge.

About V For Mania:
V for Mania is an inner city punk band whose body of work, despite its overtly visual romance, is almost visceral in its melancholy.

The band weave melodic-yet-fast, and hard- driving guitar arrangements into a mix that energizes and excites a crowd, delivering a mix of moody and aggressive, yet sensitive, brooding sound that is sure to revive the teenage angst of their audience.

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