Valentine Carnival! – Live at Cafe Chaos – February 15th, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

Valentine Carnival! - February 15th, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec
Corey VS the Hitmen-4
Corey vs The Hitmen

A beautiful winter night brought us to the grimy Café Chaos for a night of metal. Daniel Velichko of Corey vs. The Hitmen came to me about a month ago presenting this benefit show that he was working on and asked that Bucketlist attend. All profits of the show were to go to a local emergency shelter for victims of domestic abuse. We were more than happy to oblige; some kick ass bands, burlesque, snakes, and a worthy cause? Hell yeah. We arrived quite early and despite having some issues at the door, we managed to get comfortable on the side of the stage. The place did not fill up as much as I had expected considering the line up.

Corey vs. The Hitmen began the night, running a little late. Since when does a show run on time? I definitely enjoyed the energy Daniel brought to the stage— he is a good frontman in the sense that he interacts well with the crowd, makes jokes, dances around, and is an overall goof. I dug his personality a lot. The band’s bassist, known as Le Chatérien, had tons of energy, and his bass lines were pretty sick. The band is fairly new, so there is still lots of work to be done. There were many moments when they were off beat, and I couldn’t tell if it was on purpose or not. That being said, they still played with strong energy, smiles on their faces, and had a good time. When they played the track “The Fallen,” I especially felt this song was all over the place. It started off slow, dark and melodic, then completely changed to something upbeat. It felt like they possibly mixed two songs into one, and it didn’t sound like a natural progression at all. I can hear the style this band is aiming for, and I look forward to what they will sound like in another year or so.


Venomenon, oh Venomenon. I already covered this phenomenal bandduring M for MTL back in November, but I can never get enough of these guys. During intermission, a juggler entertained us. I was a little nervous for the chick that the juggler had laying down while he juggled swords over her, but it was awesome. As Venomenon started their set, the crowd ran to the front of the stage, including members of Dissension, to support their incredibly talented buddies. Nostalgia set in froma Nirvana show back in ‘94 because these guys just bring so much of that back for me. Petey is totally Dave Grohl/Keith Moon incarnate on the drums and I have said this before, he is one of the most entertaining drummers I’ve seen as of late. At some point during a technical difficulty Jordan was having with his guitar, Scott started playing Corrosion of Conformity’s “Albatros” on his bass, and Jordan jumped in with some vocals. I haven’t heard that track in years. I proposed to Scott later on that they should do a C.O.C. cover show. Wouldn’t that be badass?


A  burlesque performance took us into Dissension‘s set. Dissension is a metal band from Montreal, and after missing these guys’ shows quite a few times over the last couple of months, it was a relief to finally catch them play. When I saw them prepping the stage and saw Andrew Proppe set up his keyboard, I drooled. I love how he plays, and someday I will get lessons from him. Being a keys player myself, I really do enjoy a good keyboard player in a band. I loved Nathan Afilalo’s intro to each song as he roared it in the mic. The sound wasn’t the greatest as I heard the guitars over everything else. I couldn’t really hear the vocals too well during “Blacksteel,” but that was easily fixed later on in the set. I hardly heard Andrew’s keys unless he was going solo. That being said, Conti’s guitar solos were ridiculously good— this guy plays so tightly and smoothly with such a natural talent it amazes me. When they played “Legacy,” the energy that came out of him was incredible! Andrew headbanged and spun his head around his keys as the dudes moved all over the stage. One thing I was concerned with during this track was the bass was too loud; my seat was vibrating. Not sure what happened there, as it was only during this song. But they still rocked it and I think I might be deaf now. It was worth it. I need to start wearing ear plugs. When they played “Of Time and Chronic Disease,” I immediately got excited, grabbing Eric’s arm and telling him this was a fav of mine. This is a track of so much mixed melody and emotion in the music, it was a pleasure to see and hear it live. Aside from Chaos’ not so great sound, they still killed it. There were moments Conti banged on his chest and asked the crowd to cheer “hey hey hey!” and the crowd responded well. So many headbangers came to the front of the stage. These guys are ridiculously talented and I definitely see something coming out of this. Heavy MTL? Wacken? Something has to happen for them soon.

The night was sponsored by Fireball Whiskey and Steve’s Music Store provided some merch for prizes as they support the cause. The night raised a total of $400. Great job guys.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Eric Brisson 
Eric Brisson Photography

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