Vancouver’s 3 Inches of Blood Announce Farewell Concerts November 7th & 8th

On Sunday, November 8th 2015, a great chapter of the Vancouver metal scene will be coming to an end. After five studio albums, three EPs, a plethora of singles, and countless breathtaking live performances, 3 Inches of Blood, one of Vancouver’s most beloved and popular metal bands, has chosen to put an end to its illustrious 16-year run.

In a statement released on June 2nd via the band’s Facebook page, 3 Inches of Blood announced that they were calling it quits, citing personal reasons for the heartbreaking disbanding.

With their sad but heartfelt statement came the announcement of a show to close the thick book on 3 Inches of Blood’s history.

To nobody’s surprise – but to the great chagrin of many- the November 7th show with guests Bison and Black Wizard sold out lightning fast. Due to the high demand by metalheads from all over wanting to see the Vancouverites play their hearts out one last time, a second date was added shortly thereafter.

3 inches of blood

The Commodore Ballroom on the iconic Granville street will therefore host the Canadian power metal juggernaut the final time on November 8th 2015 for one last chance to ride into battle with the metal warriors. The Hookers and Erosion will be opening, making way for 3 Inches of Blood’s heroic two sets; an excellent evening is sure to be had by fans before their sadness about the disbanding sets in.
While the band will be playing in front of a sold-out crowd on November 7th, some tickets remain for the Sunday performance. Tickets can be purchased online through or in person from your friendly, knowledgeable metal pushers at Scrape Records.

Don’t miss out on the conclusion of 3 Inches of Blood’s epic journey.

Written by Kai Robidas
*edited by Kate Erickson

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