VIDEO PREMIERE: ALYEUS – “Celestial Descent”

We are proud to present London Ontario’s Prog Rockers, Alyeus’ new video for “Celestial Descent” off their latest record, And From The Sky We Fall

This is our first Official Music Video in 8 years! Crazy right? Yea we think so too. But Celestial opened up the perfect avenue in order to finally bring our story to life. It showcases our progressive side, our heavy side, our melodic side, and it’s a major turning point in the Alyeus story line where everything hits the fan. In this part of the story our four main characters (all Gods) have a fight, and not just any fight, a pretty cataclysmic fight, which in turns separates them all and directly impacts the rest of the story line. We wanted to have fun with this and do something that hopefully would be different to watch, so we included costumes, props and special effects into the story piece. It was a long process, and a lot of people helped in the making of this, but it’s rewarding to see the final video, and it really inspired us to make more in the future.” – Kyle Alexander (singer/guitarist, who also scripted and directed this video)


Alyeus (Ah-Lie-Us) is a progressive rock band from London, Ontario whose many influences include Tool, Mastodon, and Thrice. Alyeus fuses their stylistic influences into a cohesive mix of hard rock riffs and ambient, atmospheric passages that have been described as a “landscape of sound”.

Taking guidance from bands like Rush and Coheed & Cambria, Alyeus has built their entire discography around a single storyline in which they have originally crafted. Allowing the songs to flow together, creating a “landscape of sound”, helps present this concept-based material best. The storyline itself is one based on adventure/sci-fi, war and a well kept secret.

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