VIDEO PREMIERE: Bud Rice – Evergreen

Bucketlist is proud to premiere the latest video by Montreal folk artist, Bud Rice, Evergreen.

Rice grew up in a musically influenced home. His father, musician ​Dave Gossage​, inspired him to start playing as a child. From an early age Rice often rejected formal musical training, but always had an appetite for performing. His charisma and natural drive was what landed him playing onstage in bars as early as 15 years old. He played with friends and solo in cafes and venues around Mile End as a start to his music career then moved on to playing showcase shows around Montreal, Toronto, and New York City. He has been playing music for nearly 14 years, and music has been his sole source of income for the past 5. Rice is a strong supporter of the local music scene and plays regularly in and around Montreal’s bar scene, his deeply emotive lyricism is incredibly personal and specific which heightens the authenticity of his sound, his music ranging from deep roots folk style to blues and rock influenced songs combined with his soulful hooks, Bud Rice is a truly unique and fresh addition to Canada’s music scene.

“Evergreen is a song about the beginning, middle, and eventual end of a relationship with the idea of remembering what was, in love, and harbouring no resentment or anger afterwards. The Ormstown fair was the setting primarily because of its beauty; the vibrant greens, the piercing blue skies, and the chaotic environment that is the fair itself. It depicts the ability to carry on enjoying life on your own, and being genuinely happy with where you are, alone and not afraid. It demonstrates the notion that life goes on and is gorgeous and loud and exhilarating when you’re accepting and content with the paths in which you’ve taken.” – Bud Rice

Watch here:

The video was directed and edited by Nicholas Marakas

Bud Rice will be celebrating the launch of his new album on September 7th at Petit Campus. Find out more here.

Header Photo by Steve Walsh

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