Video Premiere: BUSM – Kyle’s Song

Bucketlist is proud to premiere the video “Kyle’s Song” by up and coming Ontarian rock band.

Kyle’s song was my lyrical contribution to fit one of Shawn’s guitar riffs, which is a common writing method for us. The song is about the popular “Kyle Meme,” which has floated around on facebook and other social media sites for years. We sympathise with the character, but we also make fun of the stereotype. I’m very sympathetic to the LGBTQ+ movement, and I wrote it for any teenager going through the difficulties of puberty, who can’t naturally relate to the opposite sex (or their own), and gets made fun of for it. I find social pressures force kids to throw themselves at the opposite sex, and when failure happens it can be rather traumatic. Boys in our culture (at least when I was a kid) tend to be frowned upon for showing emotion, or trying to trangress this feeling of shame, and that’s how this “Kyle Meme” character came about – A horny, frustrated teenage guy who drinks energy drinks, who can’t calm himself down enough to actually talk to girls, so he throws tantrums and punches holes in the bathroom wall. We filmed it where I live, at a place called Woodlawn in Ajax, Ontario. Incidentally, it is the homestead of Bill Lishman, the famous hero in “Fly away home” who built a giant gear-powered mechanical goose to help a flock of Geese rediscover the Ontario air-ways for migrating south in the winter. Honest to God, that’s where I live, and that’s where we filmed it!” – Dustin Cormier, bassist.

Shawn and Dustin Cormier have been writing together since before 2010. Each is a poet-musician who enjoys tapping into hemispheres of the collective mind. Their styles are steeped in the songs of their parents’ generation, with influences like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and even the Beatles high on the list, mixed in with more contemporary pop/punk and ska bands including the Misfits, Sublime, Blink-182, and Green Day.

The two brothers contacted their drummer Mike Loyal for the first time through a Kijiji ad – their first and best lucky break. Mike knew the old generation tunes, plus he added more contemporary 90’s and 2000’s influences into the mix, bringing the band’s repertoire up to date with modern times and styles. However, the boys never felt the need to venture into any era for cover songs to play – from the start, they were quite dedicated to playing Shawn’s unique and hilarious original punk music, a pattern which eventually expanded to include Dustin and Mike’s original contributions.

The trio officially met for the first time at the rehearsal factory in Oshawa, in late 2015. The rehearsal factory is a big abandoned elementary school in south Oshawa which was converted into a low-key jam space for musicians in the surrounding area. Their initial intention was to record the guitarist Shawn’s pet eponymous album under the name “BUSM,” at Chalet Studios in Uxbridge, Ontario. From the time they started that first jam, their individual tastes merged, and they quickly realized that the trio would be more than a one-album pony.

All 3 members played their respective instruments for 7+ years before they finally met and started jamming. Dustin’s popular youtube channel “howtorockacampfire” had been going on for years already. But it was in 2015 at local dive bars like The Atria, The General, and The Moustache Club in Oshawa that the boys started cutting their teeth in the scene, and getting their names out as official players in Oshawa’s Rock music community.
In 2020, the boys have two music videos set to be released, a new EP due out for the Summer, and another EP ready to record, along with some fantastic gigs to be had in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. 

With full original setlists and merch to sling (T-shirts, Buttons, stickers, Beer bongs, recorded music), BUSM is road-ready to headline your next venue, festival, house party, and Barmitsvah. 

What does the name mean?

During an inspired (“drunk”) writing session, the name BUSM emerged as a spontaneous, dislodged splurt from Shawn’s subliminal unconscious –

“The name BUSM actually came first. It’s pronounced “bosom,” like the bosom of a person’s chest. It has four letters, lots of satisfying mouth movement, a reference to boobs… The full name Big-Up Sour Mash just filled in the meaning of the letters. It reflects on our versatility as creative writers, a mash-up of genres and styles.”

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