Video Premiere: Cinzia & The Eclipse – No Matter (Live Sessions)

Bucketlist is proud to present the video premiere for Montreal folk act Cinzia & The Eclipse single “No Matter”.

“After playing a show with Hanorah in Ottawa last December, I was honestly shocked to look at my phone at 11:05p.m and see the second Cinzia & the Eclipse single ever at 987 streams in less than 24 hours” says Cinzia of Cinzia and The Eclipse. Since that day the impact this song has had on people across the world has been overwhelming and created what feels like a permanent connection between her and the fans. Cinzia prides herself on being an authentic artist who believes that a great song is one that’s filled with an emotional presence that can resonate with the listener. Making music for her is about being completely vulnerable and honest, so when she was given the opportunity to have a live off the floor recording at Coalition Music in Toronto; it was the perfect opportunity to give back to everyone who’s ever pressed play on their music. “It’s just insane to me to have conversation with fans in Brazil, ship a Cinzia & The Eclipse shirt to France or have someone in Indonesia post a cover on their Instagram story of a song I wrote broken-hearted in my living room. I’m constantly thinking of what I can do to show my appreciation and this is the closest I can come to giving a live performance to every fan across the world simultaneously for now.  I’m just crazy thankful for all the love to be honest!”  – Cinzia & The Eclipse 

About Cinzia & The Eclipse:

Cinzia & The Eclipse are an Indie Folk/Pop band lead by the vision of Cinzia who finds strength in vulnerability. Their serene melodies and relatable lyrics have had hearts swooning since their release of No Matter one year ago. No Matter and their other 3 releases have been living in thousands of Listener Playlists and Spotify curated playlists such as Chilled Vibes, Montreal Chill, Folk & Friends, [email protected], Alone Again, New Music Friday Canada and more. They have opened for Canadian acts such as Bülow, Billy Raffoul and Hanorah allowing them to grow as performers and connect with new fans. After a summer spent working on Music in Toronto with Canada’s Music Incubator, Cinzia & The Eclipse return to Montreal ready to release their next single in February 2020 followed by their Debut EP in the Spring of 2020.

Drawing inspiration from Julia Michaels, Florence and The Machine, Janis Joplin and their hometown of Montréal, their vision is to inject the world with a much-needed dose of raw, unfiltered emotion. Cinzia & The Eclipse came together after a radio interview where Cinzia decided that they needed a name that was more collaborative. “Adding The Eclipse was important to represent not just me but the band and the producers who help create the sound.” 

Before Cinzia & The Eclipse ever was, Cinzia was obsessed with music but crippled by insecurities to make her own. Her songwriting became something done behind closed doors until hard life experiences including, deep self-hatred, imposter syndrome and a phase of self-destruction, forced a new mantra into her life. This meant being authentic with herself and who she is which included embracing the strong passion for songwriting and performing. “Everything I do in my life has to be done with purpose and authenticity. If something doesn’t connect with me or those around me on a deeper level, I can’t bring myself to pursue it.” With this mantra they’ve soared as musicians and have been awarded opportunities and prominently featured by CJAD 800AM (Montreal’s #1 Talk Radio station), Global-TV News (Montreal) and CIBL 101.5FM (Montreal French Radio).

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