Video Premiere: Cinzia & The Eclipse – Out Of Love

Bucketlist is proud to premiere the latest video by Cinzia & The Eclipse for “Out of Love”. Watch below.

Cinzia & The Eclipse’s “Out of Love” music video depicts the internal struggle of knowing that the one thing you crave is the same thing that will kill you. A fight between knowing that if you were to go through with your action that it’s most certainly going to end in chaos but doing it anyway just to get those few seconds of pleasure. Choreographed by dancer Stephanie Busque, she captures the delicate beginning of a new relationship that builds into anger and intensifies to rage and evil knowing full well that this is where the relationship was headed from day one.” – Cinzia & The Eclipse

About Cinzia & The Eclipse:

Cinzia & The Eclipse is a four-piece band bringing the balance of rock n’ roll grit reminiscent of Janis Joplin and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals blended with influences from today’s modern pop icons like Florence & The Machine and Dua Lipa. As Cinzia and heartthrob known as Chase Atwood-Steele come chiming in with roaring vocals and gut-wrenching guitar solos, Gina Kennedy and Massimo Venturino  emerge to bring that groovy middle ground that is sure to make you flow into every song without hesitation. They’ve entertained crowds with their intriguing chemistry and catchy hooks creating a bond between them and the crowd.

After a summer full of sold out shows across Toronto and Montreal and being awarded as Coalition Music’s Selected Artist for The Canadian Music Incubator Program, they’re ready to fuel break-up playlists world-wide with unapologetic lyrics and a never look-back attitude.
Cinzia & The Eclipse will make you want to cling to that kleenex box and ice cream and then set fire to your past whilst strolling into a “new you” lifestyle!

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