VIDEO PREMIERE: FIGHTFACE – Dead Bodies Dying of Death

Bucketlist is proud to premiere “Dead Bodies Dying of Death,” the first-ever video release from Montreal rock-punk band FIGHTFACE. The song is the first single off their sophomore EP, There’s No Such Thing as FIGHTFACE, set to be released March 22nd, 2019 via BandCamp and other streaming channels. Watch the video below!

“Dead Bodies Dying of Death” is a song about a normal day gone horribly wrong, and about how difficult it can be to clean up yesterday’s mess – how even something you’d thought was dead and buried can somehow rise up against the odds and keep creating problems. The video for the song follows a team of janitors who arrive at work to find that they have to clean up the bloody aftermath of a violent yet vaguely defined conflict.” – FIGHTFACE

“Dead Bodies Dying of Death” was directed by Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer of Postal Code Films, who are currently in production of their latest feature horror film, Dead Dicks.


FIGHTFACE is a five-piece Montreal rock-punk band that brings loud, fast, post-apocalyptic good times to all. Pop hooks buried in fiery wreckage blend diverse influences with solid, B-movie storytelling. 

After the 2015 release of their debut full-length, The Emergency Broadcast, FIGHTFACE is excited to share their latest offering, the six-song EP There’s No Such Thing as FIGHTFACE, produced by Ryan Battistuzzi and recorded at Breakglass Studios. By throwing the influences that defined their earlier work into the forge, what has emerged on the debut recording is a strong and tempered sound with the essence of FIGHTFACE at its core.

Join the band for their Montreal EP release show Friday, March 22 when they return to the Petit Campus stage with guests The Lookout and Les Necrophiliacs! Pick up a physical copy of the EP at the show, and check out the band’s BandCamp page on March 22nd to listen to the full EP!

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