Video Premiere: Neon Bloom “It’s a Crime”

Bucketlist is proud to present the video premiere for the new single “It’s a Crime” from Toronto-based garage rock/synth-pop band Neon Bloom.

Neon Bloom, who have already staked their claim as one of the most innovative and energetic live bands on the Toronto scene, are now are digging deeper to tell the important and powerful backstory to their collective musical enterprise, and why they approach life and music with such joyful abandon. 

Neon Bloom lead singer Jen Simpson was diagnosed with epilepsy ten years ago.  At its worst in the early days, she was bed-ridden, needing constant care, enduring six major seizures a day. It meant giving up everything, including her modeling and music careers. With an effective treatment plan put in place, along with the correct medications, she now has 90 percent fewer seizures than she had at the worst stages of the illness. 

Even though she still struggles and has had seizures both in rehearsals and onstage during shows, she is undaunted in her commitment to Neon Bloom, to creating and performing music and entertaining audiences. “At the time, when I got sick, it was super strange to be an adult and be that debilitated and go through something like that. But, for me, it’s a big part of how I write lyrics, and why I write lyrics and how I see the world. And it impacts our performances. Every show is a celebration for me”, said Simpson.

Her bandmates have learned how to help her through her seizures and are continually amazed at Simpson’s courage, resolve and unwavering commitment to do what she loves – to sing and perform with Neon Bloom.

The video for “It’s A Crime” was shot while we were on tour in Prague in the Spring of 2019,” said guitarist Fred Yurichuk. “We spent several days running around the city and sight-seeing, while simultaneously choreographing fight scenes and filming them. Since the scenes were shot in public, many concerned onlookers would stop as soon as they saw three men fighting one woman in a frenzied fashion. There were some concerns expressed, but once they saw the camera, people would get into it and start clapping at the end when Jen would beat everyone up”

Shortly before embarking on the tour, Jen had a seizure at band practice and injured her shoulder and collarbone. Without having enough time before leaving to have imaging done, and assuming it would get better, Jen and the guys went ahead with touring and filming fight scenes. It was later discovered that Jen had fractured her collarbone and had a bad rotator cuff injury from the seizure…which makes the video all that much more badass.

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